“You can be a secretary for me!Just for now,I’m a polished commander,Not even a headquarters,Where are you going to be my secretary?”Xia Jian couldn’t help but laughed。

Lin Weibai looked at Xia Jian and said:“I don’t believe you are doing this in your life?start a company,It’s a sure thing to make a comeback,So I just wait for you”
Lin Wei said it all for this purpose,Xia Jian can’t say anything,Otherwise it will hurt other girls’ hearts。
So he changed the topic:“Then you can take a good rest at home,Chinese New Year is coming soon,Wait until the Chinese New Year is over。Been busy anyway,Take a long vacation without a serious eight hundred”
“Ok!I know。Can you tell me about your next plan?”Lin Wei said,Turn the topic,Cut into the topic。
After all these years of experience, Xia Jian,It can be considered to have seen the big wind and waves。So when Lin Wei asked him that,He will definitely not say that he is about to start a company。
“Oh!Experienced so many things,I also feel a little tired。So I want to use this Chinese New Year time,Take a good rest at home and adjust,I’ll wait until the Chinese New Year is over”Xia Jian said it was reasonable,Lin Wei can’t find anything wrong。
The two chatted for a long time,Until eleven o’clock。Under Xia Jian’s urging,Lin Wei reluctantly put her bag on her back,Slowly got up and walked out。
Xia Jian sent her to the gate,And stopped a taxi for Lin Wei personally,Prepaid the fare in advance。Xia Jian did this,The driver is not only happy,Even Lin Wei was a little touched。
Until Lin Wei’s taxi disappeared into the night,Xia Jian went back to the villa a little unhappy now。Actually so many rooms,You can live in any Lin Wei。But he can’t do this,After all, men and women are different。
Alone in the same room,I can’t explain it clearly.。
First2261chapter Each has its own picture
The twelfth lunar month,The weather in the north should be at its coldest time。Wang Youcai listened to Liu Ying’s persuasion,A large coal stove was installed in Hu Huiru’s room,Set the fire,After burning the whole room,I invited Feng Yan over。
Actually Feng Yan didn’t want to sleep with Wang Youcai,It was just too cold last night。Since Wang Youcai did this,Feng Yan is also a good face,She won’t be tired of being in Wang Youcai’s room anymore。
that’s it,Feng Yan stayed at the base in Chenzhuang。She was honest at the beginning,But after the next day,She started to check the accounts。Wang Youcai knows clearly,It’s not that she Feng Yan wanted to do it,Actually, Hu Huiru made arrangements later。
So Wang Youcai is not difficult for Feng Yan,What account does she want to check,Wang Youcai tried his best to provide her。Of course,He also asked Liu Ying to serve Feng Yan with delicious food。