First1435chapter Make a move

finally,Xia Jianchang sighed,He still couldn’t bear to accept the tea cup in Xie Xiaoya’s hand。Take a sip,But the tea bags in this hotel are really bad。
“How do you want me to help you next?”Xia Jian couldn’t help asking such a sentence。
Xie Xiaoya thought for a while and said:“There is a man named Lao Yao in Bucheon,Only found him,Not only can I take things out of my hand,And will sell a price that makes me more satisfied”
“Ok!I know,from now on,You just live here don’t move,When I get in touch with this person through relationship,You come out again“Xia Jian got up and left after talking。
Xie Xiaoya chased to the door,Whispered to Xia Jian:“Xia Ge!Trouble you“Xia Jian didn’t say a word,Open the door and leave。
When I returned to Beishan Old Xiao’s house,Old Xiao and Aunt Ding are getting older,They are all asleep。But the door is not locked,Xia Jian opened the door lightly。
“Is Xia Jian you?”Xiao Xiao heard the voice,Walked out of the room in a coat。
Xia Jian locked the door,Replied:“it’s me”It’s very cold at this time,Xiao Xiao didn’t go to bed,While waiting for him,It seems that something important is waiting for him。
Just when Xia Jian was about to go back to the room he used to live in,Xiao Xiao whispered:“Come to my room!I want to talk to you about something”Xiao Xiao finished,I quickly went back to the room with my clothes。The weather just after snow,It’s really cold。
Xia Jian hesitated,He walked quickly into Xiao Xiao’s bedroom。The room is really warm,Xiao Xiao hung his coat on the hanger,Then I only wore a loose pajamas and sat on the head of the bed。
Her long hair shawl,Bright eyes and white teeth,Coupled with her attractive rugged figure,This moment,It’s a man。There was an uncontrollable impulse in Xia Jian’s heart.,His eyes shine,Still a little dry mouth。I feel like there is a big wave in my throat about to rush out。
“Close the door and sit down!You haven’t been here”Xiao Xiao smiled,Chong Xiajian whispered。Her voice is unusually tender,In Xia Jian’s memory,He seems to have never heard Xiao Xiao say something like this。
Xia Jian sat on the chair beside the bed,Asked slightly awkwardly:“Please tell me as soon as possible,It’s late”This sentence is out,Xia Jian regretted it,This is not what he said in his heart。
“Xia Jian!you’ve changed,Become a little bit let me not recognize you。Thinking of how simple and straightforward you were,But now you…”That’s it for Xiao Xiaogang,Was interrupted by Xia Jian:“I won’t mention the past,That long you have been missing,What have you experienced?And you know what we have gone through?”