It is an individual who hears such a conscience.,Moreover, Mr. Huang, who is struggling to find a good medicine。

He Shouwu2Spoon,Heating boiling water,every day2Second-rate,Once a time,Go to bed again。Don’t be greedy,Want speed is not reached,And it is a three-point drug,Pay attention。Friend said。
But everyone is so eaten.,No one has a problem,No problem,Put your heart flat,Jingguan it changed。Friends said that they smiled secretly。
Half a month,The whole person seems to have a spirit,Mr. Huang said。I have a hard work.,Not so tired,I will not yet in the night.。
I don’t know if He Shouwu is working.,Or psychological,Unclear。
But Mr. Huang is slightly unsatisfactory.,Hair White or white,Nothing change,Not to say that there is a black hair,Why don’t you see it?。
Don’t worry,Continue with,Waiting for drugs,needs time。Friends explained。
I have been a month。
The situation suddenly changed a bit。
Mr. Huang, who used to eat the buckle,I saw that the plucking buckle was a bit couldn’t bear.,Maybe it’s too much working in recent hours.,Appetite is poor。In order to improve the appetite of Mr. Huang,The lover has changed the way in the past few days.,But Mr. Huang still eats.。
Worse,That kind of fatigue、The feeling of the body is coming again.。
And the old feels full of stomachs,Just eat a half bowl of rice,Can’t eat。
This is a problem,Mr. Huang loving people worried。
Do you want to go to the hospital to see?Love people suggest Huang Mr.。
Don’t go,This time is busy,It is estimated that it is not enough to eat.,Keep in mind1Month,Maybe it is better。Mr. Huang said。
Half a month。
Mr. Huang still has no improvement,And the whole person is even more spiritual.。
This day, I will go home.,Love people are surprised to find,Mr. Huang is a bit yellow and skin.,At first, I thought it was the reason for the light.,But the eye is yellowed.,This is definitely can’t be fake。
There are also two colleagues say that my skin is yellow.,Also ask me if I have used the Chinese medicine to take a shower?。Mr. Huang smiled and said。
no,I have to go to the hospital now.。Love people say hard,I have to go to the hospital tonight.,I listen to someone who said that the skin is yellowish, may be liver disease.。
What liver disease,The company’s physical examination has just finished a few months ago.,Liver good end,And I have never been liver disease.,How can I get liver disease?,Mr. Huang does not believe,Don’t want to go to the hospital,Be too lazy to toss。
Then, what is going on, the eyes of the beads, the white eyes, what is going on??The lover is a bit angry.。
Ambulance,Mr. Huang finally compromised,night10Drive to the emergency。
Emergency doctor is busy,See Mr. Huang,Just ask how long this situation is。
what’s the situation?Mr. Huang wondered。
It is the yellow body.,The eye is pink.。Emergency doctor is full of sweat,Just rescued the patient,No goodness。in addition,Is there any fatigue?、Nothing, appearance, etc.。
Mr. Huang suddenly became a bit nervous.,How did this emergency doctor in front of you like a long-term perspective?,Clear it clearly。
I really feel more tired during this time.,Appetite is not good,Take a meal。Mr. Huang said。
Doctor,You have to give him a good look.,Recently, what kind of medicine is still drinking?,Said to be black hair。Love people say。
He Shouwu,In addition to black hair,Can kidney,Mr. Huang did not say to the lover,Nipped kidneys is not a glorious thing,Mr. Huang hides this,But in the foaming powder powder, he is aware of his lover.,I always thought it was in order to put the hair black.,after all40The person age is full of white hair.。
What kind of medicine?Emergency doctor’s recording。
He Shouwu。Mr. Huang said。
Born or made of He Shouwu?Emergency doctor asked。Obviously, the emergency doctor has a slight understanding.。
I also can’t understand the familiarity of students.,Pharmacy is sold to me,Bubble2Second-rate,Two spoons each time。Mr. He said。
The difference is big,Emergency doctor increases volume,Obviously a bit unhappy,What is the most accessibility of his life?,Although it is said that the liver,But if the amount is not used,At any time may hurt the liver and kidney。And the first urinal is small,Not easy to poison,But if you have a long time to intake,It is possible to have problems。
I see that you are now yellow.,With a small yellow people,90% is hepatitis,Now jaundice,I can know that I can know if I can’t check blood.。Mr. Huang, the number of emergency medical doctors。I still say that I don’t know what Shouwu.。
You buy it yourself or doctors to open it.?Emergency doctor asked。
Yourself,Recommended friend。Mr. Huang has a little deficiency.,Because he also begins to feel the hepatitis,The more hepatitis is possible,He will feel the hurt of his liver area.。