Men’s cowardice

Men’s cowardice

One reason men are generally reluctant to divorce is that they recognize their social image more than women.

As we know, men are the backbone of society. The quality of a man’s social image will affect his personal future and his career development in a certain length. His social image is usually his work image and family image.sum.

  Compared with these overly cowardly men, women seem to be much stronger than men in their courage to pursue their personal lives.

In itself, as we know, women show more alternatives to men and families; but instead, if she is really dissatisfied with her marriage partner and has found a partner she considers suitable in extramarital affairs, sheDivorce is usually offered on her own initiative, and in many cases she will disregard financial loss and personal reputation in order to get her freedom as soon as possible.

This again shows that because women have spent too much on marriage and men from the beginning, and the actual emotional hope value is not so, the romantic emotions in a woman’s heart are usually not just the resistance of men to real life, soWhile showing bravery to another man, she must show destructive power to the original emotion.

This is probably the root cause of how women are often condemned by men.

So I thought what we saw. Regardless of marriage or family, men seemed to be daring, but their attitudes became magnanimous and stable; women seemed to be serious about love, but their attitudes were narrow and changeable.

  The marriage portal and the various social relationships it involves are also the reasons why men are unwilling to divorce, because for men, marriage is definitely not a simple personal emotion, but a solemn social responsibility.

Of course, from the perspective of the actual needs of men, the reasons for men’s initial hope for marriage seem to be less noble than that of women. Most women hope to realize her love dreams through marriage and settle their emotional destination in this dream.

For most women, as long as they are in love with their hearts, they are likely to make a shocking disregard of social public opinion and family relationships.

  In short, in the face of marriage divorce, the attitude of men is mostly weak, and the attitude of women is mostly brave.

As the backbone of society, men’s cowardly manifestations include social responsibilities that are not transferred by men’s will; as men’s attachment, women’s brave recognition reflects their helplessness.

Nowadays many women openly refer to men as physiological animals and themselves as emotional messengers.

Men’s intentions because of their physical characteristics are often unrefined in many cases, but are there too willfulness in the practicality shown by women because of their own situation?