Bai Baihe and Zhang Zifeng presented a New Year’s message to cheer women up with Dear Happy New Year

Bai Baihe and Zhang Zifeng presented a New Year’s message to cheer women up with “Dear Happy New Year”
Sauna Night News (Reporter Zhou Huixiaowan) On December 28, the movie “Dear Happy New Year” premiered in Beijing “To Every Valuable You” Premiere, Producer and Screenwriter Ding Dingzhang, Director Peng Youlun and lead Bai Baihe, Zhang ZifengAnd all the main creators appeared together.At the premiere conference, in addition to sharing the thoughts and feelings of communicating with the audience along the road show, the main creators also interpreted the original intention and significance of the film’s creation.On-site producer and screenwriter Ding Dingzhang talked about the original intention of the film. He said: “This is a film for girls. Every girl has its own story. They are brave and timid, strong and fragile in front of their lives. I hopeThis film can bring them a little encouragement and warmth, accompany them through 2019, and rush to a new 2020.”The event.Sauna, Ye Wang Guo Yanbing photo conference scene, Bai Baihe and Zhang Zifeng interpreted each other’s roles with a line. Bai Baihe who chose “Happy New Year” thought that although this was a common greeting, it was full of her blessings to othersIn response to the friendship agreement and the answer to love, Zhang Zifeng interpreted the excitement and expectation of the “mysterious girl” coming to the big city with a sentence “I live a good life and take root”.Bai Shujin, who plays Bai Baihe in the movie, is an urban young woman who has gradually lost her passion for life after wandering in a big city for many years. With the encouragement of her inner tenacity and accidental acquaintance, she gradually recovered herself.Bai Baihe said that he is much more mature than Bai Shujin at this age, and has passed the stage of ideological worry. Be brave to chase but don’t lose yourself. Bai Shujin learned after a lot of experience, and Bai Baihe wanted the movie “Dear New Year”To the audience.Bai Baihe laughed and talked about the society’s high demands on women. We can earn money to feed ourselves.I also hope that female audiences can gain strength and encouragement from the film.When Xu Di and Li Jianyi, who played Bai Shujin ‘s parents, were asked how to treat 80% of the children ‘s resignation as lies, both teachers expressed their understanding. Xu Di said: “The process of realizing your ideals is very hard.Learn to be considerate of children.”Sauna, Ye Wang Zhou Huixiaowan Editor Wu Longzhen Proofreading Wu Xingfa