Because his purpose in coming to the red zone is not to complete oneALevel task is so simple,What he wants to accomplish is the task released by the system,Hunt ten dark black boars。

Now this Major Maosen doesn’t know what’s going on,Actually want to force myself to approach the bee colony,There are too many changes caused by this action。For Lu Menglin,This is simply dozing and I happened to meet the pillow,Too suitable。
but,This scene seen in the eyes of others,But that’s not the case at all。
Especially this group of military students,All of them are filled with righteous indignation,Young people’s emotions can’t be concealed at all。
In their view,Less risky
The school is clearly forcing the teacher,And the teacher seems to be forced by the other’s lust,I can only commit it obediently。
“Although our team leader is quite capable,But it may not be able to deal with so many mutant wasps.?”Wei Xiaoxing said worriedly。
“Yes!Too dangerous!”The students talked about。
Although they have seen the strength of the class teacher,Know he can fight,But now it’s facing that horrible swarm of mutant bees,Fighting is another matter entirely。
That Maosen is a military major,The strongest,What he can do,Our team leader Lu may not be able to do it。
“Maosen,What do you mean?He is just a college teacher,Not a soldier,How can I do that kind of thing!”Cao Wen was surprised for a while,Finally frowned and shouted。
Even if she hates Lu Lin again,Can’t be in front of so many students,Push him to death,A university teacher,How can it be compared with a master in the army in battle?!
“what!Sister Cao Wen,It’s boring to say that。Didn’t you ask me to deal with him??”Mousen sneered, shaking his head。
Unexpectedly, Mouton suddenly pierced this layer of window paper,Cao Wen flushed with shame,Bowed his head on the spot。
She indeed invited Maosen,I also want to teach the surname Lu a lesson,But she never thought of killing Lu Lin,This is two different things!
but,At this time,In front of everyone,She can’t argue,Can only choose silence,End this topic in time。
“I will go for the teacher!I enter the hive,Deal with those bugs,I have more experience。”at this time,Everyone did not expect,He Bu, who has always been honest and shy, actually mustered up the courage,Speak loudly。
Everyone’s eyes all looked at He Bu,An expression of disbelief。