Xia Chenglong agreed softly,Then pass the token to the other party。
After seeing the token, the old man glanced at the people behind him,Then they made a gesture together,Then their own token echoed with the previous token。
Rules of Fighting Games,Seeing the club token is like seeing the elders,Must obey all arrangements of the other party。
Because this token is only owned by the ten elders,No slack is allowed。
“Huang Qingshi leads the elders of the Lingxiao City Fighting Fist Conference to visit Lord Hua,What is your order?”
“Ok,You all get up,And there is no need to be so restrained,Normal reception!”
I heard Xia Chenglong’s words,Everyone got up cautiously,Except Huang Lao,Everyone else exits the lounge。
Only two people left,Xia Chenglong took down the black robe。
The opponent is the general manager of Lingxiao City Fighting Fist Conference,Belongs to the core figure of the fight,He naturally has no reason to doubt。
Compared to Xia Chenglong’s calm,This old Huang was quite shocked,It is clear,He didn’t expect that the person with the club token would be so young。
“how,Very surprised?”