Zhou Chengyu smiled,Look at her eyes full of tenderness and honey,Sun Ningning got goosebumps straight up,Yangliu didn’t realize it。

Everything goes well,I thought it was the most difficult bank loan,It took less than three days after he submitted the application,Zhou Chengyu is very happy,Have funds,All problems are no longer problems。
Except eat and sleep,I can’t wait to be in the company 24 hours a day,Half a month,Store expansion completed,Several franchise stores have also been decorated,After opening again,Zhou Chengyu watched the scene of the guest coming like clouds,Finally relieved。
Hard work in exchange for generous returns,When he was ready to confess to Yang Liu,problem occurs!
Chapter Thirteen Offend
After lunch,There are a lot fewer guests in the restaurant,But the chef in the kitchen hasn’t been idle yet,Just received a batch of takeaway,Ordered their most luxurious package,The ingredients are not enough,Zhou Chengyu picked up the phone to replenish goods。
Yuming Investment and Wealth Management,It’s a new address they never sent,Three blocks away from the restaurant,Not far,Still plenty of time,Zhou Chengyu asked the delivery staff to eat first,He sent it in person。
AA total of 47 floors of landmark buildings in Shidong District,The first to seventeenth floors are occupied by Yuming Investment and Wealth Management,If such a big company recognizes its own restaurant’s meals,,That’s a big deal。
Zhou Chengyu put away his joy,Take a look at the phone,Ten minutes to the appointed time,Picking up the food box and hurried in。
Follow the front desk guidelines,Successfully found the investment department,Clear glass,See every employee staring at the computer,The feeling of being open-minded is really dedicated。
Usually meals are around 12 o’clock,And they set a time at two in the afternoon,It should be too busy to eat。
It stands to reason that such a magnificent company should have its own canteen,But they ordered their own meal,It shows that their own meals are already competitive,Go back and study a few dishes,Try to seize this big order!
He left after the meal was delivered,I bought a durian by the way and gave it to Yangliu,Had another dinner at Godmother’s house,If it weren’t for Yangliu who said that one of his owners should be in the shop,To deal with emergencies,He is not willing to go back。
this day,Just when the restaurant is closing,The health and epidemic prevention department is here,Surprise the back kitchen,The focus is on meat products。