This person doesn’t look very old,Courage is quite fat,Madness,Like junior character。
Old Lu whispered in secret words,Naturally, I don’t see it。
Xia Chenglong nodded,Such people do have a bit of themselves,But don’t know how to converge,Sooner or later we will cause trouble,Even lost his life。
Finished speaking,I haven’t seen Xia Chenglong’s answer,Frowned,I think the second person of his dignified Yuan Tianhammer faction is so shameless。
“Hey,Kid,Not hurry up to report?”
“You do not deserve!”
Pei Tianchui was stupefied,It’s not a taste in my heart,But when I thought that the other party was already surrounded,Not in a hurry。
“I don’t know if you tell me,I heard what shit dragon king is,I think you are the king of insects,You must stay here today!”
“Santo,I’ll tear his mouth!”Forrest Gump came forward,Ask respectfully。
Xia Chenglong waved his hand,Sign not to be impulsive,Instead look to the other side,Speak up:“The two remaining two,Come out too!”