“This woman is from the city,No matter what you wear,Or the temperament is different from our rural people。When she first came,There is a gangster in town taking her husband away from home to seduce her,I heard Du Xiaohong called,A bunch of people in the city,Almost killed this guy”

“Since this matter,The man in town who thought about her,Can only watch from a distance,No one dared to provoke her”Wang Xiaomei thought,And whispered to Wang Youcai。
Wang Youcai smiled and said:“That means this Du Xiaohong is very good?”
“I also listened to others。and also,Some people say that she always drove a van to the city。And it’s taking the purchase as an excuse,Every three to five。Some people say he misses her husband,But some people said he was going to meet his lover,I’ve seen her with other men in the city,Anyway, I have everything”
Speaking of which,Wang Xiaomei lowered her head in embarrassment。After all, she is an unmarried woman who says these messy things are not good。
It seems that this woman is really not a good bird!Wang Youcai muttered in his heart,Suddenly he was secretly happy,The more such a woman,The easier it is to hook up。
“All right!Go ahead!I just ask casually,remember,I can’t tell anyone about this today,Because talking about others behind,Not a good thing”Wang Youcai treats himself like a good person。
Wang Xiaomei nodded,Trot away。Wait for the door to close,Wang Youcai lay down on the bed。These days,The number of workers is increasing every day,The entire base is almost fully moved。
And two days ago,Hu Huiru took Feng Yan and came to a surprise attack。Fortunately, he has done a great job during this time。Hu Huiru frowned,After seeing the situation on the base,She went back smiling again。This made Wang Youcai’s heart,Relax a little。
Because he was working,Worker wages reported,Made hands and feet。Thus,He can earn tens of thousands。But he is still worried about this,In case Hu Huiru sees the flaw,Then he will be over。
In this way,There is no problem with this。And when Hu Huiru left,Also specifically told him,As soon as she went back, she asked Finance to pay for the base’s wages。Let Wang Youcai send it to everyone in advance。
In fact, among these dozens of people,People who can get paid,At most more than ten。The rest of these people,It’s only been a few days since I officially went to work。
Just when Wang Youcai was thinking about these beautiful things,The phone on the desk rang。Wang Youcai quickly connected。
Hu Huiru’s gentle voice came on the phone:“Manager Wang!Xia Jian gets married tomorrow,You come here tomorrow morning?Or come here this afternoon?Come here without any problems,But the work at hand must be arranged。Especially this recent order,You must not be sloppy”
Wang Youcai heard what Hu Huiru said,Can’t help but froze。Xia Jian is getting married?Why doesn’t he know?I seem to have heard from the villagers during Chinese New Year,Xia Jian is getting married on May 1st,It’s only March now,Why would he choose this time to get married??
“Hey!I want to ask you something!Why don’t you say anything?”Hu Huiru asked loudly on the phone。
Wang Youcai smiled and said:“President Hu!You know that Xia Jian and I have been at odds,I won’t participate when he gets married。There are so many things in the base now,I really can’t walk away”