Who knows if Brother Ming has any problems with Lu Chi。

“Unlikely,After all, Brother Ming is okay and just floating in the sky,If the sense of direction is not strong,I’m afraid I didn’t know where it was floating long ago。”
Did not give Leo too much time to arrange,Brother Ming has arrived,Standing in front of Leo。
“You are Leo?”
Follow the sword gas,Although I have seen Leo’s photos,But still couldn’t help asking。
Because this person is just like the picture,But the temperament gap is huge。
Leo in the photo is slightly wretched,And Leo in front of you…Although it still has a wretched breath,But more calm。
Yes,The feeling of confidence。
“Yes,Ming Ge,I’ve admired my name for a long time!”Leo didn’t even come up, he was tense。
Everyone is a master,Still have to pay attention to demeanor,Although he seems to have no demeanor。
But he has a question to ask Ming brother。
“Ha ha,Long admiration?I don’t think you have any respect for me!”Brother Ming didn’t forget the ridicule Leo gave him in the morning,That naked contempt。
“Hey,Brother Ming, this is too serious, right!”Leo looks a little embarrassed。
“How to be true?Do you really admire me,Just not good at expressing?”Ming Ge grinned,Exaggerated expression。
Brother Ming just sat down casually,I don’t care at all, I might do it at any time。
“I said you were too serious,You are really serious enough!”Leo couldn’t help shaking his head。“I just said that admiration is just a scene,Save you some face,Why are you serious?”