“How’s it going,Everyone is ready?”

When Wang Teng looked in front of him,Wang Teng didn’t forget to speak directly here。
slowly,As Wang Teng finished,people around me,Nodded again and again。
Such a thing,In fact, they have already seen it completely。
See here,Those around,Even more eager to try。
“Lord,Everyone is ready,Now I only need you to give an order,Everyone can kill at any time。”
“That’s right,So next,Lord, please speak directly,what should we do?”
“Who said no,Actually now,We can start directly anytime。”
Is here,When those people around,One after another looking far away。
And the more so,Actually for these,Wang Teng looked at the distance。
See here,Wang Teng smiled:“Ok,Since you all think so,Then let’s hurry up!”
in fact,Before Wang Teng,But sent these people to perform other tasks。
But now,Wang Teng doesn’t know,How are these people doing。
But based on previous experience,In fact, Wang Teng’s heart is very clear,Such a thing,It should have been processed almost。
slowly,Looking at these,at this time,Wang Teng itself,I didn’t feel anything wrong at all。