ICBC Smart Bank’s flagship store intelligent property management makes foreign currency physical withdrawal more convenient

ICBC Smart Bank’s flagship store “intelligent property management” makes foreign currency physical withdrawal more convenient
With China’s local epidemic disease prevention and control achieved important achievements, the national major public health emergency response level is below the second level of the number of provinces has exceeded 70%, all regions quickly resumed production.The number of citizens going abroad began to rebound slightly, and overseas students gradually began to make preparations before going abroad. It is also essential to exchange foreign currency notes and carry them abroad.However, there are hidden dangers of intensive security in ordinary bank outlets. Is there a safe and convenient way?  The reporter learned that, based on the integration of “finance + technology + ecology”, the ICBC Beijing Financial Street Smart Bank flagship store, in a special period, is based on the technological advantages of smart outlets, and on the basis of exerting intelligent services, it has been refined into one.The “contactless service” process provides a safe and private delivery environment for you to withdraw money offline.  Inside the ICBC Smart Bank flagship store, some of the first intelligent physical management stations based on online and offline integrated operations, known as “intelligent management”, provide safe and private physical delivery venues and vaults for booking customers.For the level of security protection, you can currently choose to pick up the physical foreign currency cash notes booked online here.  So what should customers do to get their own physical foreign currency here?According to the person in charge of the outlet, customers can choose to search for the “foreign currency appointment and withdrawal” function in the ICBC mobile banking app, select the branch office of Beijing Financial Street, and enter the person’s information as required to complete the online order.After receiving the order information, the staff at the branch office will put the foreign currency applied by the customer into the intelligent property management collection cabinet, and the system will send the information of the goods into the cabinet to the customer synchronously.On the day the customer receives the text message, they can bring their ID card and bank card to the “Intelligent Property Management” outlet to pick up the goods.  ”Intelligent property management” can only enter through face recognition, and only one person can enter the entrance at a time, which effectively avoids crowd gathering and achieves a safe separation distance.After entering the property management, the customer can choose to insert the ID card into the smart terminal or enter the ID number. After the system performs face recognition or iris recognition to authenticate the identity, the corresponding box door can be opened to receive the reserved physical foreign currency. The entire process is notMore than 5 minutes, greatly improving the efficiency of physical delivery.  Together we can overcome difficulties.The ICBC Beijing Financial Street Smart Bank flagship store will further leverage its “wisdom” advantages, strengthen its responsibility, do all it can to prepare for financial services, and contribute to the society’s overall resumption of production and production.