A man needs to be patient,Vinegar sea girlfriend is perfect。

In fact, Chen Wenjin had a residence for a period of time in his memory,A chicken head lives on the same floor,Take the high-end route,Rent a good house,Leading a group of beautiful women,I’m busy at night, eat supper and often meet up at night,That person started with the idea of developing customers,Didn’t develop successfully,But I often chat and drink at midnight。
Some of the girls under the man’s hand were dug by him from the street,Has a hair salon,Excavated in nightclubs and cheap hotels,It sounds like Bole digs a horse……Anyway,At that time, Zhao Xunli and a few others liked to interact with those beautiful women,Know their profession from the beginning,When I talk about career-related knowledge, I have no worries。
Chen Wenjin heard what those women said in private with Zhao Xunli and other people who worked with him,And publicly said,In addition, it was revealed by Jitou chatting with Chen Wenjin,After several parties confirmed,The summary of the chicken head is pretty reliable:Just listen,Don’t be serious。
Xiao Xiao seriously wants to know why Chen Wenjin said it seems to understand,Chen Wenjin thought I could have a good chat for a while,Xiao Xiao is destined to sleep late today……
Noon the next day,When Chen Wenjin wakes up,It just so happens that Xiao Xiao is coming to school soon,But after going,May come out and tell him:“A little bit、A little dark circles,But she refused to see,You know。”
Chen Wenjin is speechless,But last time I knew Xiao Xiao was very insistent on this issue,So I called her and talked a few words,Also withdrawn,Save her lunch。
Xiao Xiao wouldn’t meet at night,Wang Shuai went to eat and drink with Prince Huang Mao after school,Call him occasionally:“Prince Huang Mao accidentally asked about your work and rest at night,It seems that Yang Zimei is not a coincidence,You just be free tonight,Take the bait,Don’t keep dragging。”
“What if it’s a tough trick?”Chen Wenjin is playing console games,I can go home after seeing the time。
“I want to pick up——Question Xiao Xiao is not my girlfriend!What are you afraid of??How could he come up with a ruthless move?I’m not that awesome!”Wang Shuai thinks this worry is a bit redundant。“Act now!”
Chen Wenjin said that,After all, it’s impossible to shoot people to death,There is no need。“okay,Time is almost there,I guess Yang Zimei is still waiting on the side of the road,Go now。”
Chen Wenjin drove out of the community,Sure enough, Yang Zimei was waiting anxiously on the side of the road again,I waved when he saw his car coming out。
Chen Wenjin parked the car on the side of the road,ask her:“you are……Yang Zimei?Where to go?”