But Qiao Tianyu has been unable to calm the anger in his heart,I was so angry that my whole body was shaking.

First0370chapter Surging
“Japanese!Fucking japanese again!Why do those dog days Japanese are like nasty blow flies,How dare you not to drive away?!Oh shit!Damn annoying!Bastard!.”
I heard that those perverted Japanese are making trouble again,Qiao Tianyu was yelled out of anger。
Why are those Japanese so shameless,Do everything,They did all the tricks on Qiao Tianyu,It’s enough!
Qiao Tianyu only hates himself for being too soft,Have to know this,Qiao Tianyu shouldn’t be merciful three days ago,At that time, the Bank of Japan should be completely destroyed,Abolish the yen’s status as an international reserve currency,Put Japan’s finances in an impossible situation!
Hurriedly scolded the Japanese,Qiao Tianyu also calmed down slowly,But after calming down,Qiao Tianyu quickly discovered a new problem。
After getting an explanation from GEODIS,Although Qiao Tianyu specifically investigated Cui Keying for that mysterious rich businessman,And the various abnormal behaviors of the fake Cui Keying have a reasonable explanation,But a new question arises。
Since the fake Cui Keying was sent by the Japanese to Qiao Tianyu,But how should Cui Keying’s actions be explained this morning??
Why does she have to take Qiao Tianyu to the restaurant on the beach hotel?,I specifically let Qiao Tianyu see the meeting between Yamaki Kobayashi and those offshore financial tycoons and the vice chairman of the Federal Reserve, Mr. Felton.?
What is the purpose of her arrangement,Does she want Qiao Tianyu to retire??
Shouldn’t,The fake Cui Keying told Qiao Tianyu himself,Said that GEODIS is in the British Virgin Islands,She brought Qiao Tianyu to find Qiaodaye’s,But now she wants to scare Qiao Tianyu away,Obviously this explanation is untenable,Really can’t figure it out!
Since I can’t figure it out for a while,Qiao Tianyu just don’t think about it,He picked up the letter from Geordaye again,See what earth-shattering secrets GEODIS has left for himself!
GEODIS continued to write in the letter。
“okay,Tianyu,After talking about Cui Keying,Finally, let me tell you about the world offshore financial market.。
I have been in the British Virgin Islands all this time,Near the water,And I did a lot of investigations,So I have some opinions about the current status of the offshore financial market in the world.。
Recently, the world’s offshore financial market has been disturbed by the mysterious rich businessman,These days, all the offshore financial bigwigs are coming aggressively,Gathered in the British Virgin Islands,Keep saying that the mysterious rich businessman will be broken into pieces,Let him pay for it。