The anger in Xia Jian’s heart,Rushed up,How can he tolerate others in his presence,Bully his favorite girl。Xia Jianyi leaned forward,One on Lu Ge’s wrist,A little harder,Ge Lu shakes his arm,So he released Cai Li’s hand。

“Redneck,Don’t rely on the strength of farming,Dare to do it to me,I think you don’t want to mix up“Ge Lu gritted his teeth and said fiercely。
Xia Jian’s most taboo is that others call him a country guy,So when Lu Ge just fell,,He punched Brother Lu directly in the face,This guy didn’t expect Xia Jian to be so courageous,So there is no mental preparation,Xia Jian made a real punch,Just listen to ouch,Brother Lu’s people fell to the ground early。
Forget it this guy reacted quickly,Got up from the ground,One hand covered his swollen eye circle and said:“Kind of redneck!You wait,Our business is endless“Run away after talking,There will be no figure in a while。
Cai Li glanced at Xia Jian with red eyes,Whispered:“thank you!I didn’t expect you to be so brave,This little hooligan,Someone should have come out to teach him,Or he really doesn’t know,What it’s like to be beaten“Cai Li said,Xia Jian,Let him sit down。
Praised by such a beautiful girl as Cai Li,Xia Jian feels happy。He suddenly remembered what Brother Lu said when he left just now,I asked Cai Lidao:“Brother Lu, who is he?Is it very cowhide??“
“Social gangsters,Relying on my own family money,High school for a year,So I spent some money to go to work,I made friends with people who are not doing business,Chaos in this area all day,If it weren’t for me, he and I live in the same family home,How do i care about him“Cai Li said,His face was slightly red。This detail,Xia Jian saw it,he knows,Cai Li never told the truth,The relationship between him and Ge Lu is by no means that simple。
When studying last night,Chen Ning, who has a good relationship with Xia Jian, ran over,He whispered to Xia Jian:“Be careful when you go back at night”After that, I glanced at Cai Li next to Xia Jian,A little unhappy and left。What happened to Chen Ning?,Half-talked,It’s not like his character。
“I’m leaving too”Cai Li stood up immediately,Say hello to Xia Jian,Take your schoolbag and leave。This girl is too capricious,Even the head teacher doesn’t care about her,So she is more persevering,So she became the freest person in the class。Xia Jian had no intention of studying these things,I only did two math problems with my head down,The bell for self-study rang。
Xia Jian carried his schoolbag,Hurried out of the school gate。The place where he rents off campus is a bit far away,And pass a place without street lights,Although it is in the city,But law and order is a bit messy,Fights,Thief,happens sometimes,So Xia Jian didn’t dare to be careless。
He just turned the corner of the food factory,Huff,More than a dozen guys in weird clothes came up,Suddenly surrounded Xia Jian in the middle。The leader is Ge Lu,He is holding a piece of wooden stick,Hit head on without a word,Xia Jian has nowhere to hide,Situation is critical。
First0006chapter Anecdote
“Stop Lu Monkey!”A loud voice came。
The wooden stick in Lu Ge’s hand,It’s only a few centimeters away to hit Xia Jian on the head,Forget it this guy reacted quickly,Quickly retract the stick in the hand,But it’s still a bit late,The stick flew over Xia Jian’s scalp,Hot pain,Xia Jian almost yelled。Fortunately someone shouted,Otherwise this stick,I have to open his head and flower。