“how?”Gong Daoming asked curiously。

“They don’t follow the rules,We have to use our rules,Give them a few free bullets!”
Gong Daoming shrank his head,Whispered:“Sure enough, every industry has hidden rules for every industry,You can’t win all casinos if you have a good gambling technique!”
What Gong Daoming said,Chen Xiu remembered his gambling on stone,Suddenly there was a cold sweat,At that time, his martial arts were not considered high-strength,The background relationship is to know Zhang Haishan alone。
I opened a rough stone in the gambling shop to earn one,Fortunately, I stopped doing it later,If you continue to win like this,I am afraid that gambling on Shifang will give itself a few free bullets just like the casino.!
He Rongsheng and Guo Yingdong were a little surprised to see Chen Xiu revealing this dice technique,Said with a smile:“Xiao Chen,I really can’t see that you still understand this!”
Chen Xiu returned to God and said:“He Sheng,How about the gambling appointment in three days,Promise not to let Lin Han‘Gambler’Easily won the title。”
If it’s an ordinary person,Naturally, Chen Xiu would not take the initiative to help challenge,It’s just this time,He is deeply impressed by the character of the gambling king and Guo Yingdong。
Nothing else,He Rongsheng wanted to buy the dragon head and donate it to the National Museum,Just to make future generations understand and vigilant about the humiliating history of China。
This alone is worthy of Chen Xiu’s help!
He Rongsheng said with a smile:“Your gambling skills are good,But the same is not Lin Han’s opponent!”
Seeing Chen Xiu still want to speak,Interrupted:“And this battle between me and Lin Han,Not as complicated as you think。Just a title,he wants,I just give it to him。Am I not the king of gambling?,Are the casinos on Australia Island out of my control?!”
700 Before the war
Gambler,Just a nickname,This has nothing to do with the operating rights of the casino.!