The same is true in the original,Qiao Feng“Hurt”After a Shaolin,Because there are many murderous cases in the north.,Dirty on his head,Xue Muhua teamed up with the brothers,Halling the hero meeting in Juxiangzhuang,The theme is“Qiao Feng”——Be right,If nothing unexpected happens,that is“Orally criticism”。

In fact, Juxian Heroes Conference,I have went more than 300 people.,To say that it is desperately desperately desperate,That’s too much to lift them。
In essentially,This is Xue Shen doctor in the rivers and lakes hope to pay.,Two downtrees who join hands,Hold one“Qiaofeng Conference”。
Shaolin、Gang to participate,Is to indicate the position、Clear limit,Others come to participate,Is to give yourself gold plating、Mixed a face in front of Xue Shen doctor,No more, the soil is good for a few days.……
For the brothers,Spend,Can further enhance the influence of rivers and lakes of Juxianzhuang,For Xue Muhua,It is also to give yourself a gold body.,Maybe still rely on the thoughts of the prestige to Ding Chunqiu。
Do you want to say that herself is better than a wicker?……
Martial arts、On the sound of Ding Chunqiu is not as good as Qiao Feng,And the name of the name of the stranger is much hammer.,However, if it is replaced“丁 春 秋秋”,I am afraid that there is not much dare.。
From the beginning,What’s this“Heroic conference”,That is to eat and drink、Mixed face,Use Qiao Feng to your own purpose。
However……No one in the original work,Qiao Feng is so borne——Actually, I also come to the hero meeting.!
make“Qiaofeng Conference”became“When the face is Qiao Feng Conference”,The last scene can not control,Be formed“Group Qiaofeng Conference”,This is what Party B is not worth it.。
certainly,At that child,Don’t be on the belt of your head.,Who is, it is the rivers and lakes……
“I want to give him this dog’s conference to stir up the Huang Bureau.,Is there any idea??”Chu Deiren asked Huang Rong。
Going to the land,Can encounter He Hong、Mei Fang’s Dajiang Lake,Juxianzhuang must have more than 300 people,Maybe there will be some difficult to deal with it.,This needs a wisdom!
Huang Rong thought about it later:“聚 贤 庄 游 游 游 游 游 游 游,When you are young, it is also a popular disciple of Shaolin Temple.,This time Qiaofeng……Beat,How many enemies have been knotted?,Still still,The true conflict core is still Shaolin!To stir this dog bear meeting,I must start with Shaolin,Otherwise, the stream of swearing,Even if you go to kill them,There is also the next batch。”
What kind of person is Qiao Feng?,Is it true?,Huang Rong is not clear,But since the Chu deer said,Huang Rong also is right。
“Shaolin?Can be named Shaolin,Don’t you only have Wudang??”Wooden License。
Chu Deirers heard a sentence,Then take it out, please watch more——Just after two months,That is, March 15th!
Not a Juxianzhuang to discover,Instead, I want to invade from all kinds of posts.、Some people have come over,I have to delay a lot of time on the road.。
Two months,The south probably only has this kind of self-related big school in Nan Shaolin.,Will rush over,Otherwise it is not normal enough for two months.。
“Wudang……”Chu Deirers have a little bit。
Wudang and Qiao Feng are not big,And Wudang’s influence,Mainly in Jingjing、Two lakes,Ten eight nine will not make this kind of lively。
“If not‘Mix the bureau’for purpose,Just to avoid this conference,Really screw all the majority into a force for Qiaofeng……As long as you can make a murder on Qiao Feng,Wash a piece、Even just find out more suspicious than him,It can also be transferred at all.。”Huang Rong thought about it,Then supplement a sentence:“In addition, it is best to first take it.,Will participate in this major meeting,What are you?‘hero’。”
In Huang Rong“Pointer”Down,Chu Deirers also clear their ideas,So on:“Sky is not early,I went to the group of jade.!”
Woody Qingqing、Huang Rong:……
Although I know that Chu Deirers are going to listen to messages.,But it sounds, it is still very awkward!
As for why not go during the day?
Go more in the day!
Of course, when you want to burn in Zhenglong.,Good and light。
Chu Deirers changed their clothes,Did not bring a stun and salty fish,But still with swords——Surface yourself is the middle of the rivers and lakes,Can avoid some trouble。
“Come to two!Go through eighteen!”Chu Deirers shouted to the old。
Old, first,Then the test:“Eighteen below,No good tea,Can’t match the grade of the son,The West Lake Longjing, a pot of 18 and two, can be good.?”