In addition,There is also a nine-thousand-zhang sea blue flying boat comparable to Daojun。

The 90,000 zhang dazzling purple flying boat with the strength of the peak Taoist。
And deep gloom,The strength is comparable to the black flying boat of the lord of a holy city。
These flying boats,Just a simple attack power can reach,It’s much worse on dexterity and mystery。
If a flying boat alone,Even a black flying boat,Li Ming can deal with it with just a few hands and feet。
Unfortunately,Why civilization is civilization,Not a single practitioner,Is good at‘Mass production’。
Cyan Flying Boat、Blue flying boat,Just like making dumplings,One after another appeared in front of Li Ming。
Purple flying boat,Also thousands。
There are a lot fewer black flying boats,But there are over a hundred ships。
Such a terrible force,Even if the spacecraft’s attack is very rigid,It’s enough to resist the Lord of the Holy City,Naturally enough to entangle Li Ming。
“Fortunately, what I am good at is Jin Dao,Can weaken their strength with many big formations,Otherwise I am afraid it will not be so easy to deal with。”
Li Ming sighed slightly,Body shrinks,Heart power around the body,Infiltrate a purple flying boat。
In the space of the flying boat,One with six tentacles,Like a giant flesh insect,‘Forehead’The orange pupil of the place suddenly widened,Then burst open。
For Li Ming,The black flying boat is a great threat,The threat of the purple flying boat is weaker,And the cyan and blue flying boats—The threat is the greatest。
Because there are too many cyan and blue flying boats。
Densely packed!