Zhou stopped:“In fact, most of them are fake.,A small number is true prototype,But there is also a big deviation。Lictions will always slowly spread into people want to hear.,There will be trouble in this process.、Have lost,There are also various people’s processing。”

Mr. Jiang,a,It seems to think about something。
At least half a minute he returned to God:“Excuse me,so,You and it reached some kind……Temporary agreement?”
“It’s just。”
“What should I do next??”
“first,I need to determine the identity of that monster.,This we have some inquiry channels。Second……”Zhou Zhiyu,“Your ancestors are likely to be the same as me.,Many years ago,Your ancestors seal it.,This is obviously illegal。No matter people and demon, illegal acts。The demon also has its own society and the country,I hope you understand this。”
“To open the ancestor tomb,Put it out,Yes?”
“no problem。”Mr. Jiang stopped,Deep sense of profession,The style of light is different from the rivers and lake liars.,Suddenly aiming in my hands and a cigarette,He quickly smoke,“Do you smoke??”
“Do not puminate,thanks。”
Mr. Jiang also took the cigarette butter in his hand.,go on:“I can’t solve it without putting it out.,I greatly understand,Can I be revenge with my family??”
“Hard to say。”Turn around,“I will rudely confirm its character.,Do a follow-up,But also not to say,Anyway, if you encounter, you can call me again.。”
Mr. Jiang has fallen into the state of appearance.。
There is no talk,I only knew him,Safe half a day:“Take the liberty to ask,Mr. Jiang,Do you have a kid?”
“Have,A daughter,Be half a year,http://www.sbkjj.cnOur children have to be late。”Mr. Jiang roughly guess what he meant.,“Waiting for her,Will it be like my ancestors??”
“Maybe you need more to take care of her.,Ordinary people can’t see monsters。But most monsters are not terrible.,They are even better than people.。As long as you have enough patience,She can grow up normally。”
“She will……Is it dangerous??”
“What should I say?……”
Zhou Zhihe and Jiang Mr. Jiang stand at the door,Mr. Jiang is always the god of time.,Zhouzhi is not concerned。About an hour,The person in charge of this land is finally over.。
“To check the demon,I have to go back.,Take it over again and then give you,Less one day,More than three days。”It is not high in operational efficiency of the land.,Reform。
“Oh!Star back?!”
“certainly!Of course I know!”
“Her name is still very high,I have http://www.cfjrzc.cn never heard of her recently.,I thought she had no wake up yet.,I didn’t expect it.……”
This is much simpler.。
Zhouzhi gives a big demon blame,See the old demon blame,He smiled,Continue to listen to the police uncle in the monster tells the stars he knows。
Star is very large。
Use human words,In the early years, she is extensively in the rivers and lakes.,Therefore, it is quite famous.,But not obviously。
But in the world of monsters,Make a public office,The existing demon world is the reason why people are very respectful because they are worthy of respect.。Like starry, this mixed river,Also have a certain status。
But that is already her young.。
The sound of the star is female,Ability includes manipulating insects,Tempered,Helpful。
Also good at music。
It seems to be mostly。
However, the land is about all,‘Government agency’,They have their own processes,Strict rules and regulations,Moreover, it is more rigorous to people who involve human beings.……In short, it is not only because it feels like it is concluded.,There must be evidence。
So the company’s officer collected the spiritual power of the live residual,Say that I will give him an answer after comparing.。