But now that I have decided to renovate,Then you can’t wait until the annual holiday,Anyway first。

If the smell is particularly strong then,He then arranged Bai Qi and Lin Yun to other places,in case。There is no other place to come to his office.。
He doesn’t mind staying with Lin Yoona all day,Or he goes to Wen Xu’s office,Let Bai Qi and Lin Yoona stay in his officeokof。
Xiao Fan,Look inside WeChat。Wen Xu’s message to him,She suddenly felt,Sometimes,Should I scold or scold,To scare or to scare。
Otherwise, when did Wen Xu be so careful?,Careless all day,Recklessly, I really don’t know if he can become an assistant to the President of General Economics if he goes to another company.?Maybe you can’t even mix with a small employee!
Xiao Fan is really puzzled,Wen Xu。Famous universities abroad。How did you get your graduation certificate?
He didn’t look like he did well when he went to school.,It’s completely a little gangster。
Now he is really overpowered,Work under him,Let him make it clear,Wen Xu doesn’t dare to be presumptuous at all。
Everyone hopes to go faster on Friday. After all, it’s about to be the weekend,Worked for five days and kept spinning every day。
Being able to rest for two days has always been what everyone expects,White chess office,Today, Baiqi seems to be very strong at work。
It looks like,I’ve been thinking about what big meal I will arrange after get off work。
Lin Yuner is not as passionate as Baiqi,After all,She is still very serious about studying here。
She never thought it would be the weekend soon,Today is Friday,She’s still confused。
Chapter 815 Relax
Bai Qi hooked and sat for a while,Decided to take a break,Then he looked at Lin Yun and said to him:
“What arrangements does Yoona have for the weekend??Have you decided where to go with Mr. Xiao??”