Various sounds sounded almost at the same time,Xia Chenglong turned sideways and grabbed the stabbed sword,At the same time, command the sword in your hand to block another person’s attack,Kicked behind,Use the other foot to move the body。

The whole process is smooth,Without the slightest stagnation。
Somewhat speechless,Many of his martial arts require a certain level to be used,So the scene similar to this moment is a bit embarrassing。
of course,Nothing more,Even without those powerful martial arts,It is still more than enough to avoid the attacks of these guys。
After all, they have too many loopholes。
Xia Chenglong was surrounded again,Everyone stabbed with swords,When there are enough enemies,Can indeed bridge the gap between。
Facing a 360-degree attack with no dead ends,Xia Chenglong tapped his toes lightly,At the moment the sword approaches the body,The whole person jumps directly into the air。
Those swords keep up,Stepping on the fallen Xia Chenglong,Stalemate。
“Catch the wind!”
Zhao Hao shouted,Everyone hears the order,The other arm faces Xia Chenglong,Actually shot a hidden weapon in the cuff。
Xia Chenglong, who suddenly put on a line, once again leveraged,Go up to the sky through its own rotation。
indeed,When people are in the air,Will be when the vulnerability is exposed,Have to admit,These guys cooperate well,But when he falls,Kill him with martial arts,Idea is too simple。
The martial arts of ten warriors attacked one person at the same time,The power achieved is really strong。