Wang Mingkai hesitated for a long time,In the end, I got to Qiao Tianyu’s ear,Whispered。

“teacher,This is not a hundred years of Daqing,Everything must make way for a hundred years of Daqing。If you rush to redeem U.S. Treasury bonds at this juncture,Will definitely cause market panic,Cause financial market turmoil,Not conducive to the current stable situation,Just in case‘One day currency war’The mistakes are even worse。”
“So the above means,Secret,Focus on stability,Let’s talk about everything after a hundred years of Daqing。”
“One day currency war?”Wake up by Wang Mingkai,Qiao Tianyu is cool behind,Can’t help but shudder。
Wang Mingkai’s concerns are not unreasonable,This is a lesson of blood!
2006year12month18Day and night,Order of the Central Bank of Thailand,From the next day,A series of measures to implement foreign exchange interest-free deposit reserves,To increase the cost of hot money entry,Ease the pressure of the Thai baht to appreciate,Prevent a recurrence of the financial tragedy when hot money comes in and then out again。
As a result, this order,Hot money strikes back sharply,19Japan Stock Exchange Index(SET)Plummet14.84%,Market value evaporated230One hundred million U.S. dollars,The Bank of Thailand was forced to announce the cancellation of the above control measures。
versus1997During the Asian Financial Crisis,Thai baht plummeted due to hot money withdrawal,This time the Bank of Thailand intends to fight“Vaccination”,But because the international hot money forces are too big, they lose in one day,Shocking,The dignity of a country disappears for a moment!
If China Redemption of U.S. Treasury Bonds,Increase in USD cash reserves,That is tantamount to not hiring an international hedge fund,China’s U.S. dollar cash reserves are insufficient。
At that time, international hedge funds can unscrupulously lead huge international hot money to launch a financial war against China,At that time, China Finance will have no power to fight back,It’s really not a good move!
2049year,Although China’s foreign exchange reserves have reached5Trillion dollars,However, most foreign exchange reserves exist in the form of U.S. Treasury bonds and fixed asset investment in developed countries.,There are not many dollar cash reserves that can really cope with financial wars。
Actually it is not difficult to understand,Foreign exchange earned by the people of China,You can’t put it in the treasury and let it depreciate with inflation.?
So the huge foreign exchange reserves held by the state,Most value-added in the form of various foreign bonds and fixed asset investments,At the very least, it can hold value 。
“But the teacher,I don’t think we need to worry too much about this。”Wang Mingkai then explained。
“After all, U.S. Treasury bonds have the U.S. Federal**Backing,Strong liquidity,If international hedge funds really want to launch a financial war against China,Let’s cash out U.S. Treasury bonds immediately,3Trillion U.S. Treasury reserves,Enough for the group of financial vultures to drink a pot!”