“It’s not time yet,We want to be wretched。You saw it before,Just because we moved a bit bigger,The blasting mercenary group will look for us as the target,And killed several members of the Miyamoto family。A few are also lying in the intensive care unit now。The Miyamoto family is panicking now,Don’t be too aggressive。”

“But if you do nothing,Is it really too late??”Firmino is still worried。Although he is the son of the foundation,But there are not many things to do by yourself。Especially this kind of vital matter, he doesn’t know what to do。
To know,In the past, he would definitely follow a certain think tank or a certain uncle to take him with him.,So once I carry the banner, I feel a little uneasy。
Qin Feng just showed a meaningful smile to Firmino,But no verbal reply。It’s like saying to him“You know”。But in fact, even Qin Feng doesn’t understand,I just want to rely on a Yan Yibiao to let the other party understand it so that he can get through。
So after smiling, he drove away,Firmino was left alone in the yard thinking。
A moment later,Firmino picked up the phone and made a certain call.
Hu Zhihua is a killer,Perennially mixed in the Vietnam region,In this area of Southeast Asia, it can be considered a small reputation。It’s just that he has been doing nothing since he came to the island with his boss more than half a month ago。Even the boss didn’t tell him what he needed to do。
But every day they serve deliciously,Didn’t even restrict his actions。Just let him not use any weapons and cause trouble before he has no mission,Although there are some rules and restrictions,But Hu Zhihua still feels that he has been very moisturized for more than half a month。
But happy children are always short。
Now that Hu Zhihua received the task,Just hide the part and mix with a team of workers
in,It was a little ridiculous when looking at the boasting candidates on stage。
After all, he is someone who doesn’t even understand the island’s Mandarin,I only know that the candidate standing on the stage is the representative from the Oda family。People on stage nowadays are not just talking,Even looking at his watch and thread are quite excited,I shed tears when it comes to the depths,have to say,This kind of person“Performance”The way is really admirable。