Listen to him,All the gods masters present are quiet。

“I need an agent,Take care of everything in the day gate for me。Huang Shaotian will go with me,So this agent,Need to arise from among you。”Lu Menglin smiled slightly,Tao。
The few masters of Bairimen looked at each other,They all know that this day may come,But did not expect,Unexpectedly so fast!No one left the Chiyue Canyon,I’m about to make such a big decision。
but,When they heard,This Lord Wu Hao had no intention of staying at Bai Ri Gate for a long time,Mixed up。
They rejoice,Of course Wu Hao will not stay at Bairimen,No one wants to ride a manager on his head,But the worry is that if Mr. Wu Hao never goes back,Half a year later,The erysipelas in their bodies really can’t be solved,Don’t all have to be buried?
Long Zhanye was the first to raise his head,Clasp your hands,Tao:“Lord Wuhao,You don’t have to think about me if you choose this agent!I know I’m not enough,It’s okay to charge,Forget other things!”
If it was before,Long Zhanye arrogant and arrogant,Of course I will be the first agent,Become the man above the day gate。
But now,He’s already awakened,On Wugong himself cannot be compared to Master Wuhao,In terms of wisdom, it is much worse than Zhong Ye Fu and the wooden knife,Rather than be the so-called agent,Be tricked around,It’s better to just give up,One hundred,I feel at ease。
Zhong Yefu and the wooden knife handle both eyes brightened at the same time,The position of this agent,Quite some ideas。
Just wait for Wu Hao to leave,Who is sitting in this position,Who is the real master of Bairimen,There will be a lot of resources in hand,And soldiers,For a long time,Anything can happen。
The wooden knife thinks he has a good relationship with Wu Hao,There should be a big chance,At least the chance is much bigger than Zhong Yefu。
But Zhong Yefu has an expression on his chest,Looking at the wooden knife with a smile,That means obviously,I already have a chance to win。
Because he felt,If Wu Hao really trusts the wooden knife,I won’t give him medicine,Explain that the wooden knife is the same as others,Wu Hao didn’t want to believe it。
And no matter how smart you are,All are the best,As long as Wu Hao is not partial,Choose yourself as an agent,Oversee the day gate,Is definitely the best choice,none of them。
“Zhong Yeo,I have something to ask you。your《Hero Summon》,Where did you get it?”Lu Menglin saw Zhong Yefu’s expression,Suddenly said。
At this delicate time,Master Wuhao actually asked Zhongye Fu about something else,Is it implying that his use value is higher?