Hu Li’s punch was made with a broken punch,Fast and fierce,Sun Yang,Punch Yan Yu,Although there is a priority,But the two tricks were performed one after another,As fast as an electric flash,Yan Yu is waiting to be parried,Fist has reached the door,Finally, he is also a master at the beginning of the fifth stage,The body reacts naturally,Head back sharply,Two hollow buckets turned backwards,This is the time to avoid this heavy blow。

Hu Li between two moves,Forced back the two masters,Arrogant,Loudly:“She Letian won’t come,Just relying on your two scraps is not enough!”
Sun Yang and Yan Yu are also 5th grade masters,Master who has no temper,Hu Li called himself a waste material,Is furious,Qi Qi attacked again,Three people fighting together。
Hu Li has the upper hand in the first ten strokes,But after more than ten moves,I only feel that Sun Yang’s every knife strike is full of cold air,But it turns out that his sword aura contains ice attributes。
When Hu Li fights Yan Yu with all his strength,Sun Yang moves to him again,Can’t help but get cold,Embarrassed,Only score part of the Zhenqi possession,To prevent being cold。
Hu Li is now fighting the two masters,will“Hundred Cracks”Punch,So Sun Yang and Yan Yu couldn’t get close,And Sun Yang’s cold air won’t invade him。
Chen Xiu can see clearly on the roof ridge,Thought in mind:“The people on the prehistoric continent are really extraordinary,Always a second-rate master,Hu Li’s fighting methods are much more sophisticated than the old guys in the eighth family! But Hu Li slapped like this,Zhen Qi consumes a lot,Later, the power must be weakened。”
In a flash,The three of them tumbling and dismantling more than a hundred tricks。
Hu Liguo then failed,Fist,Even with skill,It’s just that the situation is getting worse。
Chen Xiu is thinking:“Before the battle, Hu Li still wanted to win the hearts of the young wolf master、Seize power,This old guy is more cunning than a fox,If you are not sure, you will not come out to save people,He must have a back hand!”
What is Hu Li’s back hand?,Chen Xiu has no clue,Suddenly see the flames in the distance,Immediately after that, a blue firework shaped like a sword flew into the air and stayed for a long time.。
“The headquarters is on fire!”
“Distress signal from headquarters!”
All the members of the Big Sword Club were taken aback,It was almost taken over by members of the Wild Wolf Gang。
hand machine station:
1120 Split attack
Sun Yang shouted sharply:“Old fox,You actually sent someone to attack the headquarters of our big sword club!”