In addition to the benefits seen,And those that cannot be realized temporarily,But how to manage higher-value user data?

Can this data Changxiang Technology be shared??
How to reward outstanding developers?
and many more,and many more。
Generally speaking,Ge Lingyue can go around here and around every day,Take a tour of Google headquarters,laboratory,Talk to Google executives,But the subordinates basically spent time in negotiations。
A key issue may be discussed all day,Even work overtime until late at night。
It’s no different from fighting。
The signing of every contract means that the negotiators of both parties will lose countless hairs。
Especially this kind of negotiation where both sides are very strong。
“Google is okay,The goals we set before are progressing in an orderly manner。Everyone is holding the mentality of promoting cooperation as soon as possible,So there are concessions。”Ge Lingyue replied。
“Oh?What is it that bothers Mr. Ge?”
“I just received an invitation letter,Bill·Mr. Gates invited me to visit his manor。Does the boss think I should accept the invitation?”Ge Lingyue asked simply。
This really surprised Wang Yufei。
Bill·Of course Gates’s name Wang Yufei has heard of,I even know the life of one of the Microsoft founders very well。
But he really didn’t expect Bill·Gates will invite Ge Lingyue to be a guest。
Not an invitation from Microsoft,But the founder invited,The meeting place is still in their private villa,In other words, it can be regarded as a personal action rather than a corporate action。