Chen Yongyi listen,Sweat oozes on his forehead,But he still whispered:“is it so serious?My hotel,The investment is also tens of millions”

“Hahahaha!Manager Chen,You can say this too。Hu Huiru’s investment in Pingdu,If you add the property in Qingshan County,I’m afraid it’s over 100 million”Yao Junli couldn’t help but laughed。
Chen Yong can’t sit still,He took a breath and said:“it’s all my fault,It seems I am just a frog at the bottom of the well,Made both of you laugh”
“Just tell me!looking for me?”Yao Junli said with a straight face。
Chen Yong nodded and said:“Some people say you have a good relationship with President Hu,I ask you to intercede,Mr. Hu, please raise your hands high on this matter,Let me go。As the saying goes,I’m not a fool who doesn’t know anything, Chen Yong”
Chen Yong’s attitude is sincere,Xia Jian, who has not spoken all the time, finally said something:“President Yao!Talk to Hu Huiru about this,She will give you this face”
“Thank you!I remember Mr. Yao’s favor from Chen。What does Mr. Yao need here in the future?,Even if you say hello”Chen Yong said,Stood up immediately,Fist Hu Huiru and Xia Jian,Then turned around and left。
Yao Junli hurriedly called:“Mr. Chen walks slowly!”Her words haven’t finished,Chen Yong opened the door and walked out。
Chen Yong is away,Hu Huiru whispered to Xia Jian:“You promised too much,Can Hu Huiru buy my face??”
“Don’t worry,Am I still there??Moreover,She didn’t suffer anything from this,Forget it。Doing business is about making money with harmony,I don’t need to say this,Hu Huiru should be clear”Xia Jian said,Knocked on the table。
Yao Junli knows,Immediately call the waiter to serve。Eating for two,While talking about what happened just now。For what day,Xia Jian has the most say。
Yao Junli heard Xia Jian finished,He took a breath and said:“Hu Huiru is a grudge,She must not let Chen Yong go。Don’t look at her like a lonely person,Actually, I already thought about it”
“You mean Hu Huiru will find someone to clean up Chen Yong?”Xia Jian asked puzzledly。
Yao Junli nodded and said:“No need to find,She only needs to call Wang Youcai,This is Chen Yong’s trouble。With Hu Huiru speaking,Wang Youcai’s subordinates will definitely make heavy moves,That’s why Chen Yong felt scared,Otherwise he won’t come to beg me”