“This one belongs to an old Taoist from Che Kung Temple,Ask for two million,I didn’t have to counter-offer and let them accept it!”

Chen Xiu stabbed a few times with a peach wood sword,Don’t even mention the hundred-year-old peach wood has a different weight in your hand,hardness、Flexibility is also good。
Seeing Ou Sheng didn’t mean to leave,Chen Xiu yawned and said:“Busy all night,It’s almost dawn。We make up a sleep,Go to Wong Tai Sin Temple in the afternoon and talk to Zhang Yuantu。”
Ou Sheng answered but didn’t mean to leave。
“I didn’t make it clear enough,Still her……Want to sleep with me!”Chen Xiu felt suspicious。
Ou Sheng also saw the strange look in Chen Xiu’s eyes,Face blush,Whispered:“I am afraid……Can I sleep in the inner room for one night tonight,I just sleep on the sofa and watch TV!”
“Zombie first encounter,Who is not afraid!”
Ou Sheng has always shown the style of a big sister,Chen Xiu almost forgot that she was also a woman,She’s still a pretty lady。
Women are born with a kind of terror to ghosts,Naturally, it’s normal。
Chen Xiu pretended to be polite:“Let you sleep on the sofa,You sleep in my bed,I sleep on the sofa。”
“it is good!”
Ou Sheng ran into Chen Xiu’s room without saying a word,I didn’t forget to say before closing the door:“I always put the gun under the pillow when I sleep,Don’t run in without knocking,I will shoot anytime!”
I was just being polite,She’s really not welcome。
And what does the latter sentence mean?
I’m still a tender grass anyway,I don’t have to wear two more trousers for precaution.。