Haven’t waited for him to open,Li Shouye is also a drink and then:“Brother,First of all, I like Yingying this child.,And I hope that Yingying is good to with the small wind.,But let’s feel that I still don’t have something between my child.。”

“Especially these two children are still going to school.,We are too early to intervene now.。”
Li Huihe heard that his father is also happy.,Why didn’t he think of a key moment, Dad will give him a godcomb。
“Hey-hey,Lao Li,You don’t understand this.,Breeze is now very excellent,Excellent let me hate him to be a son.,Just Ying Ying, I like him again.,This kind of good chance I have to give it a little old.。”
Xu Laifu’s words are let Li Shouying stunned.。
My son is excellent,But he did not expect that Li Hui Feng has now excellent and chasing.?
And still the old man actively sent the door?
This is going to put it before,Li Shouye is afraid that he does not say that it will nod directly.。
But he also saw that Li Hui Feng took three women today.,Especially one of the temperament is not a mountain village.,There is also the week seedlings in the city.,So many choices let Li Shouye can’t help but think about things at the perspective of his son.。
“Hey-hey,Brother,Let’s come again.,After this, we will talk slowly.,And I have a drink today.,Everything feels more than it is white.,After all, the small wind needs to be in the scene of Yingying.。”
“Um,What you said is,But I still have to talk about it in advance.,Let you understand my heart.。”
Li Shouye is also seen that Xu Laifu is really trying to marry Xu Yingying to Li Hui,I dare not promise for a time.,But you can’t refuse,I can only have a cup with Xu Laofu once again.。
Just when two people drink,Wang Jing in the house is directly widened。
Because the TV is playing in the TV is the advertisement before Qin Su Ya。
I saw that Qin Su Ya Yao as fairy generally a green peacock service slowly came out of the cloud.,Then fall in the orchard of Li Hui Feng,Gently pick an apple。
The elegant action,White jade hand,There is also the way to open the mouth and open the appearance. It is instantly so that many female stars have been eclipsed.。
This is not the most important,The most important thing is that Qin Su is gently biting a bite of apples.,Then gave a big white bite again。
Daba Tail,Obviously the look of a wolf,As the big white puts the apple,Then directly look up。
嗷呜 with a wolf,Large white love is reluctant to look at the orchard。
Qin Su Ya is also somewhat not to look at the camera.,That is not to let the hearts of many men in front of the TV, they will be broken.。
Follow,Qin Su Ya is directly driving Xiangyun directly。
Then, one of the advertisements about Li Hui Feng Orchari will then。
“Fairy fruit,I have eaten, I want to make an immortal.,All ages,Cure hundred diseases。”
This advertisement is called,Many people have not paid attention to Apple,Instead, pay attention to Qin Suiya with the TV.。
Many men who are guarded in front of TV sets feel that they are completely unspeakable.。
I have a few times very much.。
Wang Jing also did not expect the shy Qin Ya, which was in the weekdays, will shoot advertisements.,And it’s so good。
Just now,She feels that it is really a fairy.。
“breeze,breeze,You come in。”
Wang Jing seeing advertising actually start broadcasting once.,Wang Jing immediately hurriedly greeted Li with the wind。
How to leave the wine table,I heard the mother’s words.,I laughed and Xu Laivo:“uncle,I will go in first.,You slowly drink with my dad。”
Said that I quickly ran away.。
“breeze,look,Xiaoya this model,Can really be full of fairy。”
Chapter 185
Li Hui Feng entered the door and saw the advertisement in the TV.,At the same time, I also saw Qin Su Yah, such as the general appearance of the immortality.。