If you really let them go around,Then this battle is not over。

“Turn on automatic aiming system,Target locked。”
“Bang”The sound of,Barrett’s recoil is a bit big,Qin Hao can’t control it。
However, there is system assistance,Even if Qin Hao shoots in the back,This bullet can also turn directly。
Suddenly,Hand held next to the scorpionAKRed hair was directly hit,The whole head is gone。
This is the power of Barrett。
“I rely on,There is a sniper opposite,”The poisonous scorpion quickly reacted。
But his first reaction was that the opposite person had a sniper,I didn’t expect this sniper to be less than two hundred meters behind them.。
“hidden,hidden,”After the words of the scorpion spread。
Everyone else is not hiding in the corner,Just hide behind the surrounding bunker。
If Qin Hao shoots again at this time,Will inevitably start,Let people know his location。
“Successfully killed a member of the scorpion organization,Get a thousand merit points。”
“Kill the scorpion,Get 20,000 merit points……”
The bigger the two sides, the more intense,Although the venomous scorpion organization dominates the firepower,But I dare not act rashly。
“Heavy weapons suppression,Give me all,I don’t believe they have rocket launchers,”The scorpion saw the offensive coming down,Immediately responded。
Saw the people from the scorpion organization all out,Qin Hao secretly said that the opportunity came。
“Bang bang bang,”Barrett shot one,Direct a bomb,The clip is over。