“Correct!He Wang in our village,I heard that he was very fair,That’s why I came to him“Yu Dongliang is talking,Looking up at Xia Jian for a while。He seems to be watching,Is Xia Jian a practical cadre?。It seems that my hometown still has concerns。

Xia Jian saw this problem at a glance,He laughed and said:“Old man!I’m going to your Hejiaping Village today,Just want to implement a few things,To put it bluntly is to investigate him。So you should say something better,Help promote our work“
“it is good!Then I said。I have four children,Three daughters and one son。My son went to high school,Somewhat educated,So I worked with He Shuicheng to work in the village。My son Yu Youlin, accountant,Village Chief He Shuichenggan,This work has been for many years“
“He Shuicheng is more than ten years older than my son Yu Youlin,Treacherous and cunning。Everyone in the village called him the smiling tiger,Because he looks loyal,Not like a bad guy,Actually this person is very bad at heart。Just a few years ago!My son suddenly got hemiplegia,Bedridden“
The old man is here,Then paused。He took a sip of water,Then said:“This beast is inferior,I took this opportunity to hook up with my daughter-in-law Niu Guilan。My son sees,Angry。From then on, He Shuicheng alone has the final say on all matters in the village“
“Is there such a thing?“Xia Jian can’t sit still,He couldn’t help but ask。
Secretary Wang,Bowed his head guiltily。He took a breath and said:“Hejiaping Village came to a remote place,Secondly poor,So the town doesn’t pay attention to it。When Mayor Zhao was there,,Sending someone down is a cutscene,Didn’t Mayor Ma come here?,She is even more of a person who doesn’t do real things“
Xia Jianyi listen,My heart explodes。No matter how poor it is, it is a village,There will be people in a village。As the saying goes,There is no mother who thinks her child is ugly。This Hejiaping Village is like being abandoned by the town。
But in front of the old man, Xia Jian is not good,He just shook his head helplessly,Then smiled and said:“You go on to talk about the old man,We are all listening!“
“Since my son was in bed,He Shuicheng carried all the ledgers in the village to his home,As for what has been altered,No one in the village is peaceful。Listen to my son,These people come,The poverty alleviation fund in the town is not less greedy。And withdraw money,Agriculture and Forestry Specialty Tax,He always accepts more and pays less“That’s it for Yu Dongliang,Already out of breath。
Old man’s words,Xia Jian and Secretary Wang were surprised。Although the burden on farmers has been reduced,I don’t have to pay these two payments,But this historical issue must be investigated,Because this is the hard-earned money of Hejiaping villagers。
Xia Jian never expected,A village cadre in a village,There is such a big wrist,Courageous to the point where people can’t believe it。
“My son seems to have heard He Shuicheng say,He should have a house in the city,But this house shouldn’t be He Shuicheng’s name“Yu Dongliang leaned back on the sofa,Said with closed eyes。
Such an old age,Say these things,And it’s justified,He’s bothered,That’s why he is not tired。
Secretary Wang took off his coat,Cover Yu Dongliang gently。The old man fell asleep,And also made a slight snoring。