Duan Yuxi, the exterior of Yang A County, the front of the army,The word opened a hundred altars.。Ten cavalry standing in front of Duanhao,He will have a good wine on the ground,Hand in one altar,Send it to each other。

“Hurt,Not a military law today。”
Duan Yu haha laughed,Luxuriant。
“Xie 200!”
This ten people will pick up the wine and drink.,Suddenly envious of the deceased proceedings。Jinyang is deficient,Don’t say it is a drink.,It is grain,Also become extremely precious。
How can they go to Gao Budyi’s big camp to sway in a circle? How can it be envious?。
Waiting for everyone to dissipate,The smile on Duan Hao face is slowly scattered,Alert。
It’s hard to pull back a city,Actually use this way,He has been weak to this extent?Duan Shaoqi touched himself,Sigh。
“Filial piety,Obviously, it’s frustrated.,Why do you sigh??”
Tang Dynasty, two wine tits,Hand to Duan Yue。
“Do not drink alcohol in the army,You as marching Sima,Also not。”
Duan Zhaobang said his face。
“You don’t drink,The person below will only be more nervous.。Only we have drank,Let them think that the situation has emerged in reverse。This truth,Tell your truth,Have no mistakes。”
Finish,He first drank a bite first.。
actually,This is not reasonable。Duan Yu sighed,Drinking the jug of the pot big mouth。
Winter noon sun,I only have a little hot air on my body.,It’s still like a model,As now, Jinyang Six Town is generally。
Plug,Mimi readingappiireadReally good,Worthwhile,After all, you can cache read books.,Outline!
“Don’t send people tomorrow.,Goddea will settle。Two days,I am more people to harass.,This is the strategy of fatigue,And how to see how Gao Bi deals。”
Duan Yu drank a wine,Squint,There are more words.。
“Qin Zhao Changping,Zhao Conglian lost,Not all Zhao Kuo,Changping this top shape,Zhao Guo, who is unfavorable to Hebei。”
How did I suddenly talk about ancients??
Tang Yu listened carefully and didn’t speak。
“Zhao Guo occupies the party county,It is also forced to help。Do not occupy the party,Made of land, no insurance,Under the threat of Qin State。The top party will become a lonely,Need a lot of soldiers to stick to。”
Changping is Gaoping Tang Yu knowing。I heard that he said that he finally understood,Jinyang’s six towns in geographical advantages is not Gao Boyi can reverse with manpower.。
If Jin Yang does not lack the food, how is it?!
Tang Yu hated the way。
“Then what is going on after you??邺城 钱多,Pulling a team, you will be easy。But let’s go back to Jinyang, it is impossible.,what to do?Where can I go??”
Tang Yu throws a question of his most attention。The kind of grain in the Jinyang area has been searched by him, and it is said that it is a large-scale civil society in the spring of next spring.。
Jinyang Liu Town is also good,Whether it is good, you must migrate,Only there is a living road,Back to Jinyang dead road!
“I think,As long as we win a broken army。The other party will return to Xinxiang trimming。Then we took the opportunity to pass the Yellow River, you can go to Luoyang South, you can take two Huai.!
Just win a game is enough.,As long as I won the Jincheng!”
Belt in words,In fact, it is not a way forward for them.,At least before the cliff,There is still a long way to go。
Drink a wine,Duan Yu’s blush。his words,Similar to the country of the country“As long as you flatten”。
“Do not say,Ugh。”
Duan Yu feels old,To deal with Gao Bo Yi such a hair boy,Actually, you must make your strength of milk.,Response of brain juice,This is in front,It is completely unimaginable。
Where is the problem??