Blue Xin handed her to her.。

Lu Si made a call of Lu Wei。
Some of the sounds from each other are indifferent。
Lu Si is cold and cold,“it’s me,Chairman。”
“Don’t call my name,I listen to nausea。
Your daughter,Just like her mother,I actually gave a child,Looking for someone to insult me and my friend,Qin Ning’s animal,It is better to make this pork.,Haha, your family makes me feel disgusting.。
I tell you,I revenge,Starting from this moment。
Who is A?,When your son is the most painful,The only one is willing to stay with him around him.,If Azu has something,I promise,I will kill Lu Si, a woman who is not face.。”
Lu Si is angry,hang up the phone。
Hand your mobile phone back to Blue Xin,Some of the bottom of the heart,But,Left pain。
She is sore,Low voice:“Blue,Tamai phone,Let him get the hotel’s camera in the first time。
Be sure to open his phone。”
Blue Xin nodded quickly,I called another Lu Hao Cheng’s phone.,No one is answering。
Blue Xin thought about it,I called my mother’s phone.。
at this time,Already auction eternal heart,Start shooting out,I have been following the price.。
Ou Jing and Luhao Chengdu are very focused on the eternal heart.。
I have been watching the price.,They didn’t speak,They are going to last in the bid。
And Lin Dami is not interested in eternal heart,Looking at the phone low,Looking at the phone calling the daughter,She bent over,Leave the seat。
At this time,Sitting on the seat on the seat,Also get up to the bathroom。
“Hey!Blue,Why didn’t you come over??”
Lin Daung whispered。
“Mother,Lu Haocheng is??
Let him return to me back to me,I have something to find him.。”
“Blue,Hao Cheng in the auction site,what’s the matter,You talk to your mother。”
Blue Xin tells Lin Deni after the brutal thing.,Lin Dami is also shocked,There will happen this happen.。
NS774chapter:Landscape,problem occurs
After she hangs the phone,To go back to find Lu Haozheng,But I saw Ou Jing, I’m going out.。
She hurriedly walked over,“Landscape,Oh no,problem occurs。”
Ou Jingzhen looked at her,“Gu Boyu,What happened,Slowly say。”