Wine Well, this time, I believe that Long Tuli is no problem.,Because he sent people to people who have a relationship with long pooliness.,He he did not leave the line of Liangnexin from the beginning to the end.,He and his people are all responsible for the press conference.。

“Yes,I have long said that I have no problem with long pool.,You are not believed!”Wine Yi Yibei is helped from the ward from the ward.,
“Mei Huizi,How is your injury??”Hurry and hurry,
“I don’t hinder things.,Long pool,Cloud,If we tell you earlier,Maybe there will be such a thing.。”Wine Yi Yibei said,
“This can’t all sphere you.,Even if we know our focus in advance or in the conference。”Ritual,
“Why are they determined that we walk this way??”Wine Well Lift,
“This is very simple,Truna will arrive in Shanghai,I only need to listen simple to listen.,Generals, but a team,They know where they live,Also know the location of the venue,Looking at the map to find the way to the road is not a light, easy to mention。”Zhuneng Yunzi said,
“Yunzi said yes,This is not hidden.,And you seem to be deliberate to expose the commandament of the board.,It should be to kill the god action group.?”Asked Qi Rui,
“Excuse me,We overestimate your strength,But this is the meaning of the general,We just execute commands。”Wine Yihu,
“Mei Huizi,You have to find a long time for more than a few hours in the water.。”Zhuneng Yunzi said。
“I want to be ruined in the water.,It’s just that there is too important that the West Tail is worried by the enemy.,So even if you can’t use it, you must find it back.。”
“Mei Huizi rest assured,I will find it again tomorrow.。”Ritual。
“Long pool,You hurry home to wash a hot bath.,Is there anything to say tomorrow?。”Zhuneng Yunzi advised,Because she knew that the underwear of Long Tiri is still wet。
“I am relieved when I see Mei Huizi.,I’m really going back.,Uncomfortable body。”
“Long pool,I will go to the scene tomorrow.。”Wine Yi Yibei said,
“You will cultivate,Let us hand it on the scene.。”
After the pool, I took it away.,Nukijing, a non-polite, and the wine well, Yuxi,Ask:“You monitor what everyone can find out?”
“no,People who have a relationship with Jiulijun, under our surveillance,No one has problems。”Wine Well, I’m sorry.,
“Is Zhuang Xiaoman no problem??”
“I haven’t going to find Zhuang Xiaoman in the past few days.,She has been busy with business,Qingshan Ya Mei is a good wife,She will go to Huimin pharmacy every day to help Chen Jiaying,Go home on time for a long time on time.,Tang Ling has been taking care of the Shenghui car line and Rongxiang car.,It’s very busy looking at them.。”
“That Xianleis?”
“No problem,The iron forest and Xu Tian in the legal rental are working as usual.,During the period, I have never seen any suspicious people.。”
NS594chapter Kill the god and have a wife
Wine Yao Roars sent people to monitor all the relationships with all long pooliness auxiliary day before the press conference,Among them, there is also a long pool.,Only a long pool and they have no monitoring,Because he has always been in the sight of the bamboo。
Is it harder?,He really don’t know,Because this action is also used by people around you.,Tan Lin followed himself and was not tracked,So there is no significance of the monitoring of wine wells.,There is no discovery.。
Rui Rui to the home to wash your hot bath,Fu Yingxue gave him the back of him.:“sharp,You have once again successful,Organization said that your action is extraordinary,Not only greatly hits the Wang Puppet Government,What makes the international community to see our determination to resist aggression in my country。”
“This is because it is good for the foundation.,Fortunately, I have purchased enough fire medicinal materials in advance.,Also there is Ouyang Lan to blasting experts。”pairSHow is the difficult task?,Qi Rui knows this is not your own luck.,Not the task is not difficult enough,Instead, it has all the conditions。
This task is almost impossible for this task.,The task difficulty given by the system should also be based on the current environment.,There is also the required conditions.。
“sharp,There is no thing you can’t do.。”Fu Yingxue has a rumor,
“Snowman,You have to give an important document tomorrow.,Waiting for you to write down。”
Rui Rui found the file package in the river.,He got a file package to find a place to remember the content.,Then dive the package to put the file in the car, see the body below。