New fitness method — climbing stairs

New fitness method — climbing stairs

At present, more and more people are trying a new and new way of fitness-climbing the stairs.

  The original 10-minute stairs can consume 200 calories, and the calories consumed by the stairs are 1/3 of the stairs.

This is an aerobic metabolic exercise that can consume trace amounts in the body and enhance cardiopulmonary function.

The energy consumed by climbing up the stairs is 4 times more than walking and 29% more than running, which has a corrective effect on patients with diabetes.

In middle-aged people, due to the relatively reduced activity, such as going up and down often, it can enhance coronary blood flow and prevent coronary heart disease.

  However, it is advisable to climb slowly up the stairs.

One step per second, the speed should be uniform, and the pace should be stable and rhythmic. It can enhance the strength of the lower back muscles and the muscle ligament activity of the lower limbs, and can maintain the contraction of the joints. Over time, the legs can become strong and powerful.
The time of each staircase should not be too long, 10 or 20 minutes is appropriate.

The speed and intensity of climbing the stairs should be kept moderate to the extent that you do not feel obvious tension and effort.

Steps on the stairs should be firm, so as not to fall down and cause sports injuries.

The stairway should be relatively spacious, bright, and fresh. Don’t exercise on the stairs and corners where things are stacked.

You should move your waist, knees, and joints before exercising, and wear soft-soled shoes when exercising. Do not force yourself to perform fragile and high movements.