Xia Qing froze for a while,Immediately nodded heavily,Just ran out of the meeting room,In the middle,I didn’t even ask for Lin Yoona’s opinion.。

Xia Qing feels that Xiao Fan at this time has a natural leadership ability,The words spoken make others listen as if they can only obey。
“Yo!It seems to be true,Again soon,To pick up people again,I said neurosis,I didn’t expect you to act well,He even knows to play the full set!Not bad!”Xiao Jiajia watched Xia Qing run out,Sneered at once。
“you,Xiao Jiajia,Don’t forget that you are a public figure yourself,Don’t you pay attention to the image when you speak??”Lin Yoona can’t accept Xiao Fan being ridiculed twice by others,In the end, I couldn’t help but choke with Xiao Jiajia。
Xiao Jiajia didn’t expect Lin Yuner to dare to show her face,Immediately said without a good face:“Lin Zong,Is it possible that you are telling me what you believe this neuropathy said??You don’t think about it,If your husband is really capable, please come to Su Shihan,Then why didn’t you invite her to speak for the first time,But you still want to invite me?”
Lin Yuner was choked by Xiao Jiajia’s words,I can’t even say a word。
Lin Yuner looks at Xiao Fan,Then said softly:“I believe in him,I believe he can invite Su Shihan。”
“So you don’t have to provoke discord here,Useless!”The tone towards Xiao Fan is gentle,When it’s time to face Xiao Jiajia,Became the rose many times。
“Humph!Then we will wait and see!”Xiao Jiajia said angrily。
Although the other directors in the conference room had doubts about Xiao Fan’s words,But things have reached this point,Even if they don’t believe Xiao Fan,He definitely wouldn’t use vicious language to attack Xiao Fan like Xiao Jiajia did.。
Since Lin Yoona has said I believe her husband,Then why would they mind waiting a little longer??
So in the next time,Everyone tacitly said nothing more。
But as time goes by,Everyone’s mood is different。
The longer,The complacency on Xiao Jiajia’s face becomes more arrogant,She made it clear today that she wants to watch a good show here。
If Su Shihan can’t come by then,I want to see how your Lin family will end up。
Raise your wrist and check the time,Half an hour has passed,Xiao Jiajia can’t wait,Just got off the chair,Said to Lin Yuna:“If you are willing to accompany this neuropathy and mess around here, please continue to accompany you,I have no time。Oh!correct,If you don’t decide to raise my endorsement fee,I really left!”
After speaking, he moved towards the door of the meeting room。