Such a big thing,Of course the little MacDonald wants to communicate with Chen Geng,When I heard Little MacDonald said he was going to China for a public tour,Chen Geng’s eyes are staring out:You are not a superstar,Go on a tour of wool?!

“That’s not what I said。”Little Macdonald said seriously。
PS:Brothers sorry,Please wait a few minutes。
Since China Eastern Airlines can afford itMD-12,What about other domestic airlines in China,Those airlines with international routes,Fernandez·Chen’s Airlines,Can you buy it too??
Realized that I almost ignored such a huge market,Little MacDonald was so upset that he wanted to poke his own mouths:Because just now,He did a rough calculation,Discover the entire aviation market of China,At least sold more than tenMD-12Is not a problem,Wait a few more years,China’s economy has developed,They can even support twenty or thirtyMD-12。
The key is another meaning of this order:Even European and American countries see poverty、The backward China Airlines are all rightMD-12Confident、Started purchasing,Airlines from developed countries in Europe and America,Don’t you feel ashamed?
Calculated clearly about the interests and relationships,Little MacDonald immediately changed his face,Said with a serious and serious face:“No matter how many,Even if they just came to find out the situation,But as a friend,I must personally entertain them,This is what you Chinese people say,This is the proper way of hospitality。”
But forget it,Anyway ifMD-12It was really difficult to give birth in the end,McDonnell Douglas must also refund the deposit paid by China Eastern Airlines,and so……never mind。
Thought of this,He waved:“Whatever you want。”
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Obviously,Little MacDonald knew in his heart that the U.S. government and the Pentagon would never allow McDonnell’sMD-12Get Huaxia to produce,But some foundry such as vertical tail、Fuselage parts such as wings should still be possible,Shen Fei of China、Companies such as Chengfei and XAC have already started from Boeing、Did McDonnell Douglas and Airbus get OEM orders??
At this time, the U.S. government is also seeking reconciliation with China,willMD-12Part of the parts and components foundry work is allocated to China Aviation Corporation,Little MacDonald feels confident。
Chen Geng didn’t mean to be a moral saint,Why bother,Stop buying China Eastern Airlines by yourselfMD-12,Maybe they will still be regarded as other pictures,Listen to Little MacDonald,He nodded:“Say so,You will give China Eastern Airlines the biggest discount?”
“of course,”Little Macdonald said without hesitation:“Needless to say they are your compatriots,Even if only because they areMD-12First buyer,I also want to give them a big discount。”
Chen Geng nodded,That I remembered this favor,As a tribute to the favor of Little MacDonald,Chen Geng reminded him:“Mike,News i just learned,Boeing has started to4VThe government puts pressure on。”
Little Macdonald’s face suddenly changed:“Boeing has given4VPressured?”