“Of course I am worried!The tank actually looks down on me,I don’t know,But owe him a life-saving kindness,Don’t talk about turning or screaming at him,It’s not appropriate to show an unhappy expression to him!It’s done earlier,When he says things that hurt my face later,I just slapped him。He dare to say that I am ungrateful,I just broke the kindness of the repayment clearly!”Abao,Calmed down again and said:“But his attitude towards me has been better recently,Maybe you don’t have to go there。”

Everyone has a shot in their heart,Like Abao,What I care about most is the face issue,Insulting his face is of course something he cares about。
“I think you don’t have to worry about the previous things。The tank guy also talked about love,You are grateful to him,Of course his attitude towards you is getting better,I’m not embarrassed to save your face。”
“Is the best,Actually he is not bad,Empathy。Infatuated people are stupid,But actually being a friend is pretty reliable。”Abao is so conclusive,Give another example:“See you,Kotaka,All reliable。”
“Compared to them,I dare not bear the word infatuation。”The year in Chen Wenjin’s memory,He is well deserved,right now,He is no longer the boy whose love is everything,His attitude towards love is still serious and responsible,but,Be rational,And no longer pure sensibility。
A Bao’s cigarette is almost smoked,He suddenly said:“You feel,Is Qiangwei too good??How could i be so lucky,Met such a good one?”
“If you have questions about this,Then consider it with skepticism。”Chen Wenjin is happy to pull。
“What do you think of her?”Abao asked again。
“I think it’s such a big person,It’s too fake to be sensible to perfection。I think,If you really think she is perfect without any faults,I would say:Very unrealistic,Only acting can be perfect。”Chen Wenjin saw A Bao scratch his hair,A little puzzled,But in the end:“Then I will observe again,Maybe there are still shortcomings not found。”
“You observe。”Chen Wenjin didn’t expect it to be so easy for Abao to change his views on Qiangwei。
Even if Abao heard the recording in Wang Shuai’s hands,As long as he is willing to deceive himself,I still believe Qiangwei’s explanation。
Abao’s wallet is destined to bleed,too much stress,So Abao actively helped Brother Xiu open the shop,I’ve agreed not to share any shares,Ask for money。
But Wang Shuai’s meaning is also clear,This issue,Wait until he doesn’t have to stop.。
Chen Wen spent time with his family this Sunday,Haven’t returned home at night,Wang Shuai called,But in the car,Shaking,He didn’t pick it up,Save trouble。