Among them are the warriors who have long been famous in Myanmar,There are also some disciples of A Jianglong,There are a few well-known descendants,The lineup is quite strong。

Mao Yongfei has recognized the young man in front of him who fell from the sky,It was the Venerable who killed A Jianglong in the Shocking God Valley,He also knows that ordinary firearms are not valid for this person,Can only be attacked with a group of masters,Siege him to have a chance。
just,Just now the young sage jumped into the air,It’s so shocking,Shocked all the experts,For a while, no one dared to raise his head and respond with Mao Yongfei’s hot eyes。
“Lord god,Kill A Jianglong,Save my Burmese people in dire straits,Please be respected by this prince!”After Prince Yu Xunye finished talking,On one knee,Kneel to Lu Menglin。
He kneels,Those high-ranking officials and nobles who were present also followed suit,Knee soft,Puff Puff Puff fell to his knees。
Among them,Most of it was scared by the jump just now,The other half is guilty。
Before the royal family said it was light and simple,As soon as the guards are deployed,Can directly kill this young venerable martial artist,I don’t know when someone really kills you,All talents wake up like a dream,Just think of the fear of being dominated by Ah Jianglong,And this fierce man who can kill A Jianglong,I know the royal family’s move was so wrong。
Only the commander of the Imperial Guard, Mao Yongfei,There are also a few strong people in Myanmar who did not bow down to Lu Menglin。
“Mao Yongfei!Haven’t saluted the Lord yet?”Prince Yu Xunye saw Mao Yongfei’s actions out of the corner of his eye,Suddenly growled。
Mao Yongfei hold your head up,Standing proudly like a lone pine,Those complex emotions in my eyes flashed away,Resolute expression:“Stop kneeling!Our country of Myanmar has been kneeling for too long!Since he has come to the door,I risk Yongfei and would rather stand alive,Won’t kneel to death!”
Chapter six hundred and sixty nine Guo Shi Wushuang
Mao Yongfei’s words,Speak proudly,Those strong men in Myanmar who were still worried in their hearts,Immediately calm down。