“I,What i am watching is,Is dumbfounded!What a principled old man our director is,I don’t know how much the love with wings broken in his hands,But he,on,I’m optimistic about you,Eyes,Not bad。”

“what,He is misleading。”Willow throw away beer can,Picked up a duck neck and gnawed it,Don’t agree with her at all。
Zhou Chengyu didn’t say anything,Pull the corner of the mouth,Show a self-thinking perfect smile to hide the bitterness,Yiyi’s consistent rough nerve,Sun Ningning, who knows what is on his mind, has already drunk too much,The hidden secret was so grandly spoken by her,I was treated as a joke by my sweetheart。
It is said that distance produces beauty,Are you too familiar with Yangliu?,She can’t see herself in her eyes?
if so,Then he was sadly reminded。
Today is Yangliu’s sad day,In poor condition, she just drank a can of beer and couldn’t drink it anymore,Sun Ningning sleeping with his arms around him,Joking with a smile,“Mr. Zhou,Little jobless,Depend on your old man to enjoy food。”
Zhou Chengyu nodded very seriously,“It’s cold recently,I improved a few dishes,Tell me if you have any good ideas,Let’s discuss。”
“It’s cool for tonic,The main tonic ingredients are soup,Too much time spent,Not very cost-effective。”
“I didn’t get any supplements,That stuff is not suitable for our restaurant,I just added some beef dishes,Not too advanced,Response is ok。”
beef?Yangliu vaguely remembered what Huo Yunhe said some time ago,Most of the beef fails to pass the test,Better not to eat。
“How about the purchase channel?is that OK?”
“no problem,I personally go to the market to order the vegetables,There are fixed merchants for condiments and meat products,Have a ledger,From the opening to the present, the company has been purchasing,No problem。”
No problem,As long as the restaurant is booming,She can take a break,Don’t worry about going out to find a job。
Lu Family Mansion。
Lu Jinning returned home angrily,Take a look at Lu Xin who came in behind,I’m so angry,“You changed your clothes and come to my study。”
This time it’s not small,Lu Xin was prepared,As long as the wish comes true,What’s wrong with being scolded?