Everyone in the field is almost stunned.。

Rule offending this,Isn’t it to interrupt the limbs on the spot??
Summer is not reflected,And I wounded on the spot,How can I……
Is it changed??
Worried about destroying the pattern?
Everyone is coming from a big question mark in his mind.。
Unreasonable,I don’t want to pass now.。
Rao is a quick and agile, Yao Yu is still still in the moment.。
http://www.bjyuansheng.cn Gratitude。
Her face is not changed,The beautiful scorpion is turned。
She suddenly thought of the sentence just now.。
“If you finish these,I dare to say that.,I will fulfill you。”
what does that mean!
Means Summer confidence!
She recalls carefully,After reading the information,Li La’s expression。
seem……It seems to be afraid?
I must have a mistake.,must!
One time,be terribly upset,Curiosity also climbed to the vertices。
the other side,Jin Aolong and ancient wind did not expect these,They just don’t understand,Which of Li Lao is not a training in the summer。
“Rest assured, ancient。”Jin Airor reveals confident smile,“He dares to violate the rules here,Certainly will not have a good end。”
The ancient gathered nodded,Immediately laugh,“This kind of space is http://www.qqhld.cn empty,Usually a simple product color。”
Two idiots。
Their voice is not high,Yao Yu heard the true and cut,Could not help,Some disdain,Turned and chased it up.。
“Let’s go too.。”
Also cold-to-face view,Say a little。
Immediately, wearing a middle-aged wearing a cloth.,Ask,“He is the murderer who killed our son,Do you have to grasp him??”
Shimo Cloud。
Middle age is Shi Zhengxiang’s father,Shimo Cloud。
Just at this time, Shimo Yun seems to have not heard the season red.,Lower head,Brow,I don’t know what I am thinking.。
“I ask you.?”
Some red quarter,But did not see the complex colors in Shimo Yunzi。
“I am going to find him.。”
Tell,Take a step forward,Very fast。
“ended。Everything is going to end soon.。”