Although ginger is hot in summer, it can delay aging

Although ginger is hot in summer, it can delay aging

Ginger is a condiment that people cannot share in daily life.

In the country, ginger has a history of 3,000 years.

As early as the Zhou Dynasty, people have started to cultivate ginger artificially.

In the spring and autumn, Confucius declared: “Every food does not withdraw ginger.

“It means that someone should eat ginger every day of the year.

It is said that Confucius has the habit of chewing a few slices of ginger every day after a meal.

  Ginger has a mild taste, has a variety of effects such as dispersing cold and sweating, resolving phlegm and cough, and anti-vomiting.

Many of these effects have been paid attention to, such as drinking ginger brown sugar water to treat colds, which is an effective method for folks; using ginger to stop vomiting has good results, so ginger is known as “abusive family medicine”.

In addition to being used for the treatment of fires and colds, ginger is also used to treat enteritis, dysentery, acute sudden death pain, and first aid.

Ginger rubbing has a certain effect on vitiligo, alopecia areata, and ringworm.

Because ginger is an excellent health food, folks say “three slices of ginger in the morning, and drink ginseng soup” and “October ginger ginseng”.

In Zhejiang’s famous ginger-producing region, the proverb “three slices of ginger a day, doctors who don’t work without prescription” is still circulating.

  Studies have shown that eating ginger regularly can slow down aging.

Nutritionists have found that the spicy ingredients contained in ginger can inhibit the generation of peroxides in the body after being absorbed by the body, and its antioxidant effect is more obvious than the currently used antioxidant-vitamin E, so it has a good effectAnti-aging effect.

Ginger also contains a special substance with a chemical structure similar to salicylic acid in aspirin. This substance can lower blood lipids, lower blood pressure, prevent blood coagulation, and inhibit thrombosis.

In addition, gingerol contained in ginger has a strong choleretic effect, so it can be used to prevent and treat cholecystitis and cholelithiasis.


hzh {display: none; }  日常生活中巧用生姜,常常能够方便快捷地为您解决一些实际问题。  ★ Frequent chewing of ginger, or taking ginger juice, can treat vomiting.

  ★ Drink some ginger juice water before boarding the car, or cut a piece of ginger and stick it on the wrist 2 inches behind the horizontal stripes of the wrist.

Including a few slices of ginger on the way to help suppress motion sickness and vomiting.

  ★ Ginger mashed and mixed with brown sugar, hot drink with ginger sugar water, can cure pregnancy vomiting or dysmenorrhea.

  ★ Use half a cup of fresh ginger juice, 2 spoons of honey, and mix thoroughly with water, which can cure the weakness of the spleen and stomach and cannot eat.

  ★ 15 grams of ginger decoction, add sugar and warm clothes, can cure phlegm and cough.

  ★ Use 30 grams of ginger decoction to give children a bath to cure their cough.

  ★ Pick the juice with ginger and mix it with rice porridge to treat nausea.

  ★ Pick the juice with ginger, gargle frequently, or rub the sores at the end of the grind to cure the sores.

  ★ Pick the juice with ginger, adjust the amount of honey, and cook it a little. Take a few tablespoons each time, several times a day. It can cure sore throat.

  ★ Swallowing ginger juice can cure food poisoning.

  ★ Using ginger juice to rub under the arm or the affected area frequently can cure body odor and vitiligo.

  ★ Take the dried ginger ground powder, mix it with the same amount of dried ground powder, and rub the affected teeth together to relieve toothache.