For the resurrection of James Dean through CG, the US team thinks it is shameless

For the “resurrection” of James Dean through CG, the “US team” thinks it is shameless
Chris Evans (reporter Teng Chao) recently, directors Anton Ernst and Tati Golick announced that in the Vietnam War film “Looking for Jack”, the late cultural icon James will be made through full CG technologyDean “returns” to the big screen.This manifesto caused a strong response on social media, and actor Chris Evans, who played “Captain America” in the Marvel superhero movie, criticized the decision as “shameful”. In his view, “maybe now’S technology can already replace a new Picasso painting with a computer for us, or write some new tunes for John Lennon instead of being soulless.”Junior, the daughter of Robin Williams, Zelda Williams, also expressed disdain for this choice. Her position on the social platform:” This is a bad precedent for future performances.”For the external controversy, director Anton Ernst responded:” We don’t really understand it, we never thought it was a marketing gimmick, I think the bottom line of this matter must always beCorrect the intention of the deceased and strive to act in a noble and noble manner.”James Dean’s still in the film” East of Eden “.James Dean has only starred in three works, “Causeless Rebellion”, “East of Eden” and “Giant Biography”, but because of its unique personal charm became a cultural idol of the time.In 1955, only 24 years old James Dean was killed in a car accident.It is reported that the pre-production of the film began on November 17th, and the goal is to be released globally on Veterans Day 2020 (November 11th).Sauna, Ye Wang Teng Chao Editor Huang Jialing Li Shihui