Wang Shaoxiao helpless,Had to turn off the TV,Took the video tape out of the machine,Then follow the previous order,Put them in the big suitcase。

He probably never dreamed,The most important thing in this suitcase,Has been copied out by someone unconsciously。
The lock repair activity is over,The boys will go back to their homes,Find each mom。
Lu Menglin also returned to his home with his schoolbag。
But this is when I enter,I heard the living room is very lively,Seems to be a guest。
“Is Menglin back??come here quickly,Grandma came to see you!”Mother Lu in the kitchen heard a noise at the door,Hurriedly shouted。
Lu Menglin pushed the door in,See on the sofa in the living room,Three guests sitting。
They are a middle-aged couple with an old lady。
Old lady with silver hair,Small,Wearing a clean blue cloth,Her back is slightly camel,Wrinkled,Saw Lu Menglin come in,Smiled happily immediately。
Lu Menglin couldn’t help but shocked,Staring blankly at the thin old lady,Slightly sore nose,Tears almost fell。
Many dusty memories flooded my heart,After many years,Lu Menglin could hardly remember her grandma’s appearance,I suddenly saw the old man,Excitement,It’s hard to overstate。
In Lu Menglin’s memory,Grandma is a very kind old man,She’s been diligent all her life,Life is extremely simple,But I am very fond of my grandson。
Lu Menglin was born without a month,Weak bones,Grandma buys wild turtledoves from country hunters every week,Take a five-hour long-distance shuttle bus to Liufang,Then he went back to the country without even eating,Said to take care of the chickens, ducks and pigs,Actually, I don’t want to cause trouble to my daughter。
Every new year,Slaughter pig,Always leave the best meat to the Lu family,Said my grandson was in poor health,To supplement nutrition,For this, some uncles’ wives were upset。
Lu Menglin still remembers when he was in elementary school,Learn to raise silkworms by myself and classmates,Can’t find mulberries in the Liufang factory,I went to a mountainous area far, far away,I was beaten up by my father。
Grandma learned about this later,Grandma planted a small mulberry tree in her vegetable garden,Every season of sericulture,Will pick up a big bag of mulberry leaves and send it to Lu’s family。
Later, Lu Menglin stopped raising silkworms,But grandmother’s kindness and her love for herself,Like that little mulberry tree,Stay in his heart forever。
Lu Menglin in the previous life,Have experienced the death of grandma,At that time, he was heart-piercing,Cry so much,I even dreamed that grandma could return to the world,Goodbye to myself。
And at the moment,The old grandmother just sat in front of her alive,This situation,How can you keep Lu Menglin from getting excited?!