“Fish in troubled waters”Still going on,No one wants to waste this opportunity to make a fortune,Although we all know that there is no shipwreck,But I got two treasures at once,Who knows if there is any?

The same goes for Old Ghost Zhang,After getting two thousand yuan,Not reconciled,Jump down again。
Hu Yang answered the audience in the live broadcast room:“Yes!Just now a brother said this is famille rose。
Although it has no style,But from the technological point of view,Not inferior to the official kiln works of knowledge。I even suspect,It is the work of the official kiln,Just why don’t you have any knowledge,Just don’t know。”
He pointed out,Carcass processing fine,Fine and light texture,White and delicate,Moderate。Glazed surface moisturizes evenly,Smooth white,Smooth and flawless。
These characteristics,It’s a level that is difficult for folk kiln。
“just,I still consider,50,000 yuan if you want。”
As soon as this word comes out,The audience in the live room was all sweating,I feel distressed for Old Ghost Zhang,That goods is too impatient。all of a sudden,Fifty thousand becomes two thousand。
If this is to let him know,Must vomit blood。
“so,Sometimes I can’t eat hot tofu in a hurry。”
“At this,I have to say that the uncle picking nose is a bit tricky。If not for his assist,Lao Zhang won’t call two thousand yuan in a hurry。”
“Really pit,Made people lose their sense immediately。”
Everyone did not wrong Lee Jinnian,If not for him to interrupt,What folk kiln works are worthless,Which is a price of one thousand and several hundred yuan,Zhang Laogui won’t panic,So I won’t be anxious to bid。
Since Brother Hu originally planned to give 50,000,It can be seen that the price of the famille rose porcelain hand cup can be hundreds of thousands less.?
To know,The 50,000 plate before,The anchor is valued at more than 1.5 million。