Qin Feng gave them a blank expression,He was also a little puzzled,Where did these guys come from??

Qin Feng doesn’t waste his time either,He quickly shot at them。
A few people have not survived a move in front of him,And even how it fell,They don’t understand。
They also feel that they are going crazy,Because they didn’t notice Qin Feng doing anything from beginning to end just now。
Qin Feng is also unambiguous,He bound these people,And then closed the door of the room,Following
Keep sleeping。
A group of people are a little dumbfounded,Because they thought that Qin Feng would bring them to the game,Or give them a beat,But what kind of situation is this??
“what are you doing?”One of them looked at Qin Feng and shouted,He is really anxious。
“Mary next door,I’m a little tired,Do you want me to teach you a lesson??”Qin Feng looked at them with a serious face and said,“If nothing happens,Then shut up。”
Got it,Qin Feng has already said this,They are naturally helpless。
then,All of them bowed their heads and waited for Qin Feng to rest。
Actually,When Qin Feng fell asleep,They also want to struggle to escape,But they found that Qin Fengnong’s new words were very hard.,They don’t even have a way to unlock。
This also makes them very helpless。
Actually,Qin Feng took this stuff with him,That’s also for convenience,But I didn’t expect to use it on these guys。
Get up the next morning,Those people are sleeping on the ground。
Qin Feng ignored them,He is freshening up。
Until seven o’clock,Qin Feng called Huang Zhihua’s phone。
Qin Feng doesn’t need to say anything,He just needs to tell Huang Zhihua about the things here,He doesn’t care if that guy knows,Still don’t know,It’s not important anymore。