But now we need the main push Xin system,And to promote the Xin system,Changxiang Technology needs a nationwide data center network,In order to build this network,Now Ge Lingyue has discussed with Wang Yufei several times about introducing strategic partners。

It was just rejected by Wang Yufei。
The funds invested in construction now are mainly self-owned funds saved before,The fees charged for external authorization of brain-computer chips and ten lithography machines obtained from Apple are resold to Huaxia chip manufacturers,Part of the full payment,And the remaining five sets of deposit。
The sum of these money is about 10 billion,It’s enough for the first stage of construction。
But according to his vision,If the data center construction is fully rolled out,The funding gap is still large。
The next building I just bought must have been mortgaged,Bank’s credit line must also be used,But according to the company’s new appointmentCFOEstimate of,According to the current market price,If you want to complete this large and small national network deployment plan,The company has a funding gap of at least billions。
And owe too much money to the bank,May have a negative impact on the company’s next development。
But no matter from which level,Data centers are heavy assets。Long construction period,Slow cost recovery。
Especially the future of Changxiang Technology’s data center is mainly for self-use,Even developing cloud computing business,Also mainly for its own platform,No plans to rely on data center operations。
of course,Changxiang Technology also has its own advantages。
The irreplaceability of brain-computer chips,In other words, technology monopoly can bring predictable long-term benefits to the company。
But according toCFOForecast of the market,At least three years of earnings from brain-computer chips must fill the data center investment。
Another pillar industry of Changxiang Technology is Xin System。