so close!Shen Yingjie secretly exclaimed。

“Go to that location。”Xu Wen reached out and pointed at the highest point of the huge wave,About two to three hundred feet,Although that place is not the peak of the entire mountain,But you can definitely see the whole picture of Yazhong,“This time,Before you and me,set off。”
Shen Yingjie is not hypocritical,Reached out to test the strength of the rope and started climbing,The rocks are very smooth,There are not many places to borrow,It all depends on the strength of the limbs and the coordination of the body,But it’s not difficult for people like Shen Yingjie and Xu Wen who have been training all the year round。
Two people take care of each other,Move slowly to a higher place,The strange thing is that the feeling of gravity field is gone,The marching army that they are getting away,That imperceptible magic is slowly disappearing,The two of them are much more sober,The climbing speed is also significantly faster,After climbing over three vertical steep cliffs in a row,The highest point of a huge wave is close at hand。
Stand here,The two have seen a very different scenery,Behind the huge waves is a gentle slope,After that is the raised ridge,There is a wide steep slope above the ridge,And above the steep slope there are even higher peaks,Wave after wave,Extremely spectacular。
Although I can’t get a full view of the mountain,But there is a faint gleam behind the mountain,Although it is not obvious in the sun,But in Xu Wen’s subconscious,The place that shines is probably the mystery that I have been looking for。
In the valley below behind,The pace of the army is still clear,Xu Wen and Shen Yingjie didn’t dare to take another look,After a short break,Climb to the top of the Giant Wave Mountains in one effort。
The strong wind at the top of the mountain suddenly increased,And the scenery afterwards is even more magnificent,The undulating gentle slopes are all made of gray-brown basalt,The area is also quite wide,There seems to be a raised bluish-black rock band across the front,Not very real,I don’t know why the mountain is divided into two different tones,The towering peaks further away are in the shape of a regular triangle,Extremely dangerous,You can faintly see two huge dark spots above and below the mountainside line*spot,Oval,Think of two huge caves。
same,Here you can already see the full view of the valley behind you,Although there is no magical harassment,But to prevent accidents,Xu Wen and the two fixed the rope to the gap in the rock,Then slowly turned around,The sight in front of me is even more amazing。
The opposite mountain bulges suddenly,Great gap,Far more sinister than the mountains where they are,Behind the peak are countless low and undulating hills,But the slope suddenly slows down,Slowly extend into the distance into high ground,Then extend from the highlands to the vast and boundless grassland,The Erna River winds across the grassland like a phosphorescent jade belt,Incomparably magnificent。
In the valley below,Finally overlooking the huge rock formation,Limited by valley terrain,The stone formation queue at this moment is not as scary as before,But the densely packed rocks still meandering far away,I still can’t see the whole picture,And the direction of Taniguchi on the other end,The pioneer queue has reached the big turn in the valley,The situation is critical,Also terrible,Once such a huge undead army rushed out of the valley、Invading the outside world will cause unforeseen disasters。
Although I still can’t figure out where this huge army came from?Who made them?But Xu Wen is more convinced,There must be something bad suddenly ruining the balance in the valley,Let these undead army wake up。
“We go to the shining place。”
“Too far,At least twenty miles。”Although it’s just a rough estimate,Shen Yingjie was also taken aback,Besides, I have to climb or bypass that steep mountain。
“no way,There is almost no line of sight here,But there is no trace of Zhang Wenda and his wife,The opposite mountain is too steep,Difficult to climb,I judge they are not going along the rock formation,Just climb up like us,Went to the glowing place,We lost time last night。”
Shen Yingjie turned his head and glanced at the stubborn army below,Scalp numb immediately,Heart and heart,“set off!”
Easy to walk on a gentle slope,Just need physical strength and endurance,The two try to speed up,Leave time for the dangerous peak behind,of course,It’s best to get around。