Watching this old friend leave with your eyes,Wright also intends to leave this homeland。Now he is respected as the god of war by the people of the Puang Empire and the entire Magnolia continent,Naturally also shoulder its responsibilities。Guarding the Magnolia Continent,Nature also protects one’s hometown。

“Humph!”Wright’s eyes lit up,just now,His consciousness swept across this area of the Northland,But found a sanctuary that I had never seen before。
Not just never seen,There are still some secluded sanctuary on the mainland,Wright couldn’t have seen everyone。But this sanctuary,Very bloody breath,confusion,Weird。Although the intensity is only at the sanctuary level,No threat,But it gives Wright a disgusting feeling。
Wright’s knowledge sweep,With the strength of his spiritual consciousness,Naturally make this sanctuary unaware。
“The human sanctuary in the red mask,Ok,It is indeed human-like,But this breath?”
Wright moves,Divine consciousness began to slowly penetrate into the body of this sanctuary。
“This.What monster!”
Wright was really dumbfounded。This so-called sanctuary human,It’s a layer of human skin on the body,And under the human skin,With countless tiny insects!These insects seem to replace all the organs in his body-muscle,blood、nerve。Except in the head where the soul is,The whole body is made up of disgusting blood red bugs。These bugs are small,Ordinary Sanctuary can’t see it at all。
And these insects,It also revealed a strong dark atmosphere,This supernatural breath—At least belongs to a middle god,Maybe it’s the upper god。
“This is a means of flesh and blood transformation?The Hamlin back then was really insignificant compared to this。This is not at all‘Sanctuary’,But a lively‘Worm Nest’”
indeed,Hamlin’s transformation only spliced other organs on the human body。Long hair、Wings or something,Any god who is good at the law of darkness or the rules of life can do similar things。
But replace all organs of a human body with bugs,Can still play the ultimate strength of the sanctuary?!This method is simply incredible,At least for Wright, the so-called genius wizard,The essence is still like this for the gods of reckless warriors。
Under Wright’s divine consciousness,This name‘Worm Nest’Numerous insects on the surface of the body soar。Of course the traces of these insects can be seen clearly under Wright’s consciousness,‘Torland’、‘Fort Perad’、‘Qi bao’,However, these insects were very helpless to find,There are almost no people in the whole city-——Even if Wright and others don’t arrange,The residents are also early“Missing”Escaped under the pressure of。
This‘Worm Nest’Seems to be surprised that no one,Hovering in the sky for a while,It seems that someone is watching it,Suddenly my body burst open,Turned into blood mist.Under the observation of Wright’s divine consciousness,This is not a real blood mist,But countless tiny insects,These insects quickly infiltrate the earth。
“Good escape,If the ordinary lower god,Unless within the realm of God,Otherwise it’s hard to find!But for me,Ha ha。”Locked by Wright’s consciousness of surpassing the upper gods,The trajectory of this group of insects can be seen clearly。
“Did you fly to the north??well,Take me to your lair!I want to see who it is。”
in‘Worm Nest’Nearly a thousand miles behind,A figure followed sneakily,It’s Wright。But at this moment Wright’s whole body is working‘Power of life’,Tightly wrap your body surface,Not a trace of breath revealed。So as not to startle the snake。